Taco Bell - Taco Bell, 76th Ave. and 40th St., Miami, FL - served regular Pepsi, and not diet as ordered - also requested no tomatos on salad and served tomatos - rude service experience

Posted on Tuesday, March 11th, 2003 at 12:00am CST by a4d11e69

Company: Taco Bell

Location: 76th Ave. and 40th St.

Category: Restaurants, Bars

Today I went through the drive-thru at a Taco Bell restaurant located at about 76th Avenue and 40th Street in Miami, Florida. I ordered a salad with no tomatoes (I'm allergic) and two diet pepsies (one for the ride home the other for my meal -- I'm also diabetic and I'm always thirsty). When I got to the pay window, the woman gave me the sodas one at a time and I asked her to give me a container.

She kind of got annoyed but she gave me the container. I noticed that the sodas did not have the little bubble for the "diet" punched in so I asked her if they were diet and she hesitated a bit but said "yes, they're diet, I just did not poke the lids". I proceeded to drive off but I was suspicious of the way she hesitated so I opened a straw and tasted one of the sodas.

As I suspected, it was not diet. I then opened my salad and lo and behold, the top was loaded with tomatoes. I parked my car and more than a little frustrated I entered the restaurant and immediately asked for the manager.

Thinking I would be faced with an intelligent person, the lady at the register pointed to the "drive-thru" lady and said "she's the manager". I waited for about 5 minutes before another employee yelled to her "the lady is still waiting for you Christine". Christine, the manager, came to the front with a major attitude and asked me what was wrong. I told her that I am allergic to tomatoes and I am diabetic; was that enough "wrong" for her. She said -- and I quote her "SO?" I told her that the tomatoes on my salad would give me a migraine headache and the sugar in the two regular Pepsies would raise my sugar to a point that I would need a shot of insulin if it didn't kill me first.

Ok, I admit, the last was an exaggeration, but not by much. This Christine person just turned around without so much as another word and went back to the window and told another employee to get me two Diet Pepsi's and take the tomatoes off my salad. She neither apologized for her dangerous actions (purposeful because she could have corrected it when I specifically asked her if the sodas were diet), nor did she tell the employee to make me a new salad.

I can pick the tomatoes off myself but the juice from them and the seeds that fall off will make me sick as well. Needless to say, I wasn't going to eat that meal so I told the other employee that I would prefer to just get my money back. The employee was nice enough not to make things worse so she went ahead and gave me my money. (She should be the manager!) Why is this Christine woman a manager of anything? Who trained her and did anyone explain to her that some people ask for special things in or off their foods not just to be different, but for a medical reason as well? Can anyone tell me where I can make this complaint directly to Taco Bell?


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