Household Automotive Finance Corporation - Household Automotive Finance Corporation - lost job, want to pay less on car loan, as a result

Posted on Friday, March 15th, 2002 at 12:00am CST by 8af238f2

Company: Household Automotive Finance Corporation

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This is my second car financed by Household Automotive Finance Corp. I traded in my Ford Contour for the Ford Windstar in February 2000. I lost my job in September of 2001, I called Household right then to discuss my account. I spoke to a woman

named Chris. My monthly payments on the van are 456.64, on unemployment I only get 1552 a month and with 2 jids that really isn't that much.

So I wanted to find out if we could refinance to get the payments down to 300.00 or get a 2 month forbarance something, anything to help. I could not see any way to make the entire payment. Chris advised me that there was nothing she could do until I had another job. Odd since I would not need help if I had the same job right? So I sent the 300.00 a month every month and then at some point I spoke to Erin from Household when she

called my home. Obviously wondering why I was not making the entire payment. I told her the problem, asked her for any sort of assistance. Can I refinance? Get the forbarance or?

I said I could pay 300.00 a month but that was it. I was told "Keep throwing money at it, as long as you are

making the bulk of your payment they won't do anything." On March 8th I came out of my home and my van was missing. I called and filed a police report thinking

it had been stolen. My friend told me I should call Household just to rule them out. I called and spoke to

Debra She demanded to know how much I make etc.. So when I explained the situation she put me on hold and read the notes on the file. Then Debra could not even confirm for me that the car had been repossesed at that time.

I spoke to Debra again on March 11th. Debra said they did have the car.

She said there was nothing I could do other than get the 1500 to get the car out and pay the 450 a month. I am actually only 2 months behind on my payments. I have spoken to a couple of other companies and have

been told that usually they do not reposses if the person has had a good record in the past and is trying

and making an effort to pay.

Since it is obvious that Washington is #2 in the nation in Unemployment I can't understand why they

would not want to assist thier customers in keeping the vehicles.

Iam a single mother with 2 children and was trying to do anything to keep the vehicle. Now I have no way

financially to get the van. I will lose out on other job opportunities (that are further away from my home)due to the loss of the van, how is this helping them? Please let me know if there is anything I might be able to do to fix this situation.

Thank you I think that the company should work with me seeing that I am doing the very best that I can, I did speak

to thier agent Erin and did exactly what she told me to do.


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