Procter and Gamble Charmin Toilet Paper - discovered larvae on purchased tissue

Posted on Wednesday, June 4th, 2003 at 12:00am CDT by 2de072ed

Company: Procter and Gamble Charmin Toilet Paper - discovered larvae on purchased tissue

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From: Diana Hedrick [COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_27562#]

RE: Procter and Gamble Charmin Toilet Paper - discovered larvae on purchased tissue

I have not purchased Charmin Toilet Paper, and avoid all other Procter and Gamble products, as I had an experience of the most unnerving and disgusting kind. And, my reason for writing this complaint is to make consumers aware you can NEVER be too careful!

Several months ago, I went grocery shopping and one of the items I purchased was a pack of Charmin. A couple days after this, I walked past our tall garbage container in the house and noticed the brand new, unopened pack of tissue had been thrown out.

My husband happened to be walking up to me as I was about to retrieve it, wondering why it was in the garbage. As he started to speak to tell me not to touch it, I looked into the package of tissue. Larvae were crawling all over inside the package. Needless to say, I dropped it and almost threw up! I have small children. I suddenly had this vision of my young daughter unknowingly using a piece of toilet paper and getting some type of horrendous infection!

To date, the best explanation I've had from Procter and Gamble is basically none. The company does an incredible job at stonewalling people. If it's not a computer you talk to, it's a "customer service" person who is truly in no position to tell me how this could have occurred or what precautions the company has taken to ensure they won't happen again. My last conversation ended with my being told "the appropriate people are aware, they will handle it". I have been denied the right to know the names of these "appropriate people".

As I stated previously, I will not purchase products manufactured by Procter and Gamble. Of all products, toilet paper should be one of the most sanitary! The company informed me "perhaps the larvae was planted after the package was sealed". That's almost a scarier scenario. I do believe the packaging of toilet paper should be such that NOTHING would be able to "be planted"!

Please be careful and watchful. I'm sure people wonder what I'm doing when I do this, but there isn't a time now that I purchase toilet paper that I don't look down the package, shake it and make sure it's "larvae-free".


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