Regis hair salon, Quail Springs Mall, Oklahoma City, OK - got fungus on neck as result of hair cut

Posted on Friday, June 20th, 2003 at 12:00am CDT by 86ab7448

Company: Regis hair salon, Quail Springs Mall, Oklahoma City, OK - got fungus on neck as result of hair cut

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RE: Regis hair salon, Quail Springs Mall, Oklahoma City, OK - got fungus on neck as result of hair cut

I went to Regis hair salon in March of 2003. It was on the weekend and they were packed. Even though I had an appointment I had to wait almost 40 minutes. I had my hair colored and cut. When she got finished with the cut, she said oh I need to use the clippers on your neckline. She could not find the clippers at first and then realized that the stylist on the other side had them.

She got them and did not spray to keep fungus from spreading . No attempt was made to clean them . She used them on me before I could stop her. Within 3 days my neck was covered with bums where she had used the clippers.. I had no idea what it was , it started moving up toward the center of my hair. When I finally went to the doctor as I was losing hair and ended up with 2 large bald spots.

My doctor said that it was a fungus, they treated it with lamisil and it finally stopped spreading . I called the Regis salon at quail springs and the manger said that they clean their clippers, which I assured her they did not and the fungus was the result of not cleaning. I was later referred to Scott at customer service. When I spoke with him he said that they would be willing to pay the doctor bills. I sent them the doctors information and and he called me back and said they would not pay because I was taking Paxil ??????

He also stated that his supervisor said that there was no way that I could prove that the fungus came from them . I am over 50 and not in the habit of filing frivolous lawsuits. My intention was to make them aware of what happened and hopefully they would correct the problem . This huge company did not even care. They were rude and did not care to listen. They just wanted me to go away, instead of being sympathetic they were the indifferent. I want everyone to make sure if they use clippers on you that they clean them with the anti -fungus spray. I do not think this is something that happens all the time , but the manager was pushing the stylist to hurry so she could get to another customer .

It was more of a quantity thing then a quality. You feel it when your there rush --rush. This was the reason that I had to wait 40 minutes even though I had an appointment. The manager insisted that she do this lady 17 minutes before my appointment. Quantity might make the investors happy but it does not make for a happy customer. I spent over $100. on the service and the products. It is the last time I will ever go to any Regis or any of their affiliates, Cost Cutters, Trade Secrets etc. .


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