Jaguar - 2003 Jaguar S-Type - from Momentum Jaguar, Houston, TX - trouble with car, upset with service received

Posted on Wednesday, June 18th, 2003 at 12:00am CDT by 49c202f2

Product: 2003 Jaguar S-Type

Company: Jaguar

Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

My husband purchased a 2003 Jaguar S-Type form Momentum Jaguar in Houston, TX on 08/24/03. After 2 weeks I started having problems.

My service was a typical southern good old boy. Finally in January 2003 when I was 9 months pregnant I request to have a Jaguar rep meet with me at the dealership to discuss the problem. My service advisor told me it would take 6-8 weeks to get t Jaguar rep out to the dealership. I wrote a letter to Momentum Jaguar and hand delivered it.

I requested to meet the rep as well as request a new car. I never heard from the dealership. I was assigned a great customer care rep who handled my case for about 30 days. She too then disappeared as did my service rep and service manager.

I have been lied to so many times or the expression "So much smoke blown up my ***" that I feel 10 feet tall. In February I was paid approximately $800.00 for my inconvience. Do they know something I do not? I finally filed the Lemon Law suit in March and am now waiting. I will update more later. You can email me if you like @ COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_67190# I'm sure I'm not the only upset customer in the world.

Christina received the following consumer follow-up message on September 29, 2003:


RE: result of lemon law settlement

This is to pick up where I left off. After filing the "Lemon Law Paperwork, a complaint with the Attorney General's office in Houston, TX and a complaint with the "Better Business Bureau" I get a call within about 5 days of mailing my paperwork from a new service manager from Momentum Jaguar. He seemed really nice, but after I told him what all I had done he said there was nothing he could do to help me.

Within about 30 days after I sent my complaint to the "Better Business Bureau" I read the response from the service mananger at Momentum Jaguar. His reply was, "I have informed customer on filing Lemon Law." What a liar!!!! I replied to the "Better Business Bureau" about the lie and they said there was nothing they could do. I was soon contacted by a representative from the Texas Department of Transportation-Motor Vehicle Division-Consumer Affairs Section. They were very fair in helping me make a decision. I was informed exactly what type of refund I should be receiving if a judge was to grant me a refund in comparison to what Jaguar USA and Momentum Jaguar was offering me.

I was also told that if I did not have to accept what I was being offered. The only problem I had with the offer from Jaguar USA and Momentum Jaguar was that I told I had to sign a release in order to get my money. Well that made me feeled pressured. The lady, Holly Parker, who was handling my case for Jaguar USA and Momentum Jaguar was a pain in the ***. After arguing with her for more than 30 minutes I told her to go to **** and that I would see her in court. I took my car in for a fifth time to be repaired.

Buy now I had made up huge yellow signs that read "Momentum Jaguar Lemon". Upon entering the dealership my new service rep was very nice and accomodating. As we were talking I was yelled and cursed at by another service rep who said, "We didn't make the God Damn car". My reply was, "I don't give a damn if the car was hatched. It's a piece of s*** and you treat you customers like crap!. I can put whatever I want on my car. It's called a FREEDOM OF SPEECH!

I warned Ricardo Weiss's (the owner) office that I was pissed. I asked them if they wanted me to stand accross the street with a sign. So I decided the next best thing was to put the sign on my car and drive around Houston. Boy, you would not believe the stories I heard about Momentum customer relations. People would honk at me and give the thumbs up. One thing is for sure if I had spoken to people before I purchased my car or looked up any complaints with the Better Business Bureau or the Attorney General's office I would have never let my husband purchase this car for me (me being a co-signer)." My service rep then led me away and told the other rep to shut up! I sat in the Manager's office of Momentum Porsche.

We visited for a few minutes then I saw my service rep and he informed me that he was told not to touch my car, I had to leave the premises, and that I was to call one of the ladies, Selinda, in emergency manangement that I had dealt with before. He was very nice about the whole situation. While sitting in the Manager's office I called over to the Selinda's office (whom was not in) and explained to the middle-aged lady that answered the phone what happened.

She replied, "What the hell did you expect from us with that sign on your car. Did you really expect us to do anything now?" I replied, "I don't give a damn what you think. Your paid to answer the phone and send out faxes, not to speak to customers with a foul mouth and a bad attitude. Just take the God Damn message and give it to Selinda." The Porsche manager told me he was sorry for what was happening. I then left. I kept driving the car. Hell if they wont fix it I guess it's not my fault if I blow the transmission. I soon got a new lawyer who handles Lemon Law cases. He informed that if we go before a judge the judge will award me a refund no question. It might not be the $$ amount I would like, but then Jaguar would have to disclose to the next customer that it is a Lemon. The dealership could not keep it a secret. What I was being offered was a better than normal $$ amount. Plus, since I had already received a check from Jaguar Cars USA I would probably loose about $700- all together.

I went home to think about it. Soon, I was contacted by a Jaguar rep. I thougth they were mystical creatures and could not really exist. He informed me to take the car to the Park Place Jaguar dealership on 45 north. I called the dealership and within 2 hours they had a car porter at my front door picking up my car. WOW! Nice people really do work at car dealerships. I do have to admit that I do not have one bad thing to say about the peole at Park Place Jaguar. Makes me regret even more having purchased the car at Momentum Jaguar after finding out about Park Place Jaguar. This is the place to buy a car! Although, I will never buy a Jaguar again. After not having a car for a few days my husband and I spoke to some people. We heard things like, "I will never buy a car from Ricardo Weiss", "Momentum Sucks", "I would rather purchase a car from Dallas or Austin before I would ever buy a car from Momentum". We were told that if we were getting an offer of less than $750- or so out of pocket, then to take it and run. My car payment was $701- a month. So in reality I had the car for 10 months and would be out of pocket $750- or close to that. My husband and I took the deal. I called Jaguar Cars USA and spoke with the same lady, Holly Parker.

I asked her to have the Jaguar rep call me to speak to him about possibly settling the matter. She replied in a really pissy voice, "I need to know if you going to settle or not"! I told her, "Look I have asked you nicely to call the Jaguar rep for me. I didn't call to speak to you. If you are refusing to contact the Jaguar rep then tell me, but don't yell or demand information from me. I have argued with you enough". The Jaguar rep called me and I informed him that my husband and I would settle only if we did not have to deal with Holly Parker again. He assured me that everything would be handled by Park Place Jaguar. My husband signed the paperwork and the release just before or after July 4th 2003. I didn't sign a thing. Now I have ordered a Volvo XC-90 from a dealership on the westside of town and yes I looked the company up with the "Better Business Bureau". They have no complaints. My new car should be in by Oct. 2003. Here's my recap of what happened:

Purchased new Jaguar 08/24/02

2 weeks later "Gear Box Fault Error" light go on and off 09/30/02 1st service - reprogrammed adio unit for Error and reconfigured AC module

11/18/02 2nd service "Gear Box Fault Error" replaced gear selector module

12/17/02 3rd service "Gear Box Fault Error"

01/09/03 Sent 1st letter to Momentum Jaguar requesting a new car and to meet with a Jaguar rep. I was ignored and 9 months pregnant.

02/01/03-02/14/03 Spoke with new cutomer car pre @ Momentum "Anita"

02/10/03-02/14/03 Spoke with Alissa Jones 1st time @ Jaguar Cars USA

02/10/03 4th service "Gear Box Fault Error" replaced valve, gear box automat, core return

02/10/03 asked service rep to check seat memory #2 - he could not duplicate

02/28/03-03/10/03 recieved check from Jaguar Cars USA for $839.41 as a contribution

03/06/03 wrote 2nd letter to Momentum Jaguar

04/18/03 5th service "Gear Box Fault Error" repaired green wire, replaced ECU, reconfigured

04/18/03 asked service rep to check seat memory for 2nd time -nothing

06/07/03"Gear Box Fault Error" occurred called service rep to let him know

06/09/03 went to Mometnum for service and was asked to leave rep was told my higher up not to touch my car. Yelled and cursed by another rep for the sign on my car.

06/11/03 "Gear Box Fault Error" occured while a Sterling McCall Acura salesman witnessed it

Sometime after 06/19/03 car was picked up by Park Place Jaguar and repaired for 6th service

07/01/03-07/04/03 signed papers to settle Good luck to anyone who reads this. Lemon Law is there for you, each state has different stipulations, but it will all work in the end. Don't always believe the dealership. You are a consumer and you have rights. Christina


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