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Posted on Tuesday, June 17th, 2003 at 12:00am CDT by c51a76f9

Company: AOL

Category: Internet Services

I just wanted to drop you a line before my subscription is closed out. I think at this point I've earned just a few more minutes of your attention. In the past couple of years I have had numerous bad experiences with your service, and I figured I might bring them to your attention yet again. First - the DSL nonsense. I ordered a DSL modem, service, and corresponding software on April 9, 2001. I received the modem, but the accompanying CD was cracked during shipment. I made numerous attempts to get a replacement, but even though I received some discs in the mail, none were correct.

One was even the "Free AOL" promo disc. During installation of a PCI USB input, the old dial up modem was removed from the old computer, rendering internet access impossible without DSL or a new modem. Your techs were fairly unsympathetic to this, or maybe they just did not have the time to comprehend the problem. Even

when on the phone with your tech dept. I got the response, "Just go online and download the DSL protocol." This was impossible, but the only answer I could get. I was offline for seven months during 2001, but still charged for DSL access.

When I finally purchased a new computer and got online, I could not even sign in to the account I had been paying for and not using!!! On the phone with customer service, they informed me that "I had not authorized access to my account." Bravo to the brain dead individual you hired for THAT job. My bank account continued to be charged in excess of $60.00 per month for access and service that AOL was not providing. I paid, all told, in excess of $1,400.00 for DSL access that I NEVER recieved. Thank you very much for the stellar job on that.

Furthermore, I would like to let you know about the bad experience I had with one of your sales reps. They offered "speak write" on a telemarketing call. Although I had admitted that I was authorized to make decisions on the account, I hung up on the sales rep. I still received "speak write" in the mail. I don't understand why, but it got sent my way. I cannot figure that one out. It was not even Windows XP compatible, even after the online upgrade. Furthermore the microphone did not work with my PC. Total strikeout. I tried to like it, really, but it was absolute junk. I tossed it in the trash rather than take the time to return it.

Now, after unsubscribing from your service completely, I find I must pay a $99.00 fee because I did not actually subscribe to your (in my case) unusable DSL service. This is a bad punchline to a bad joke. Perhaps I should scan my printout of the original agreement which states that the modem would be free along with 6 months of DSL subscription.

I feel that I have given you enough money for services not rendered at this point, but the whole $99.00 charge on top of everything is really too much, in my opinion. I have noticed that defections from your service are on the rise. Gee I can't imagine why.

In addition, your spam filters are weak, your browser is sorely lacking in user options for navigation, and your company policy is downright ridiculous. I would wish you bad luck business wise in the future, but I do not think you will need it, you will drive your empire right into the ground on your own if you treat customers as you have me. Oh, one last thing. I tried to register myself for BYOA a few months ago online. The site said "congratulations, your account has bee changed to BYOA" but it wasn't true. This was really the last straw and it came far too late. Shame on you AOL, you have taken a potentially good company and whored it out for all the wrong reasons. I regret EVER being involved with AOL, and I will make SURE to share my poor experience

with EVERYONE who is interested.


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