2000 Ford Windstar - 24,000 miles - intake manifold gasket leaking

Posted on Sunday, June 15th, 2003 at 12:00am CDT by 88af7cf8

Company: 2000 Ford Windstar - 24,000 miles - intake manifold gasket leaking

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RE: 2000 Ford Windstar - 24,000 miles - intake manifold gasket leaking

i bought my 2000 ford windstar new in march of 2000. we do not drive it hard and have regular service done on the van. after only 24000 miles the check ingine light came on and the the rpm went below 750 and the van seemed to be struggling to get any gas or power. it is amazing that this light when on when the car was only 3 yrs and 2 mo. old. i took the car to the local dealer where i purchased it from and told them about the problem and that i thought that ford should do something about the car because it was just over 3 yrs and well under 36000 miles. the dealer told me they would look at the car and get back to me.

later that day they called me and informed me that the intake manifold gasket was leaking and i need a new one at a cost of $550 dollars. i told them i thought that i should not have to pay for the repairs based on the miles and age of the van. they told me that they would do me a favor and only charge me $140 dollars and the rest would be payed by ford and the dealer. i called ford's so called customer service and got only sorry's and told repeatedly that the windstar is a good product and that i was being given a good deal. when i pushed the issue, not getting upset, she told me that it was a machine and machines break.

i then told her that i was going to tell others about my exprience with ford as well as log onto your web site and tell my story. at this statement she almost seemed to threaten me, by telling me that the offer made by the dealer could be withdrawn at anytime. i hung up and had the car repaired, due to needing it for my family transportation. when i picked up the car a relatively young and new service desk worker told me that the new gasket they put in should last a long time and that they have had problems with the factory installed ones.

to top everything off, my wife was driving the van the next day with our young daughter in the back seat and it started to pour down rain while they where driving on a busy road. she went to turn the wipers on and they did not work. they did make in home safely, luckily, but she was quite shaken over it. when i came home it opened up the hood and found that the mechanic did not reconnect the wiper motor after the repair. i called the dealer and all we got was a "sorry". needless to say that ford will not be my next purchase, more so because of the customer service rep than anything else.


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