Chevy - 2000 Chevy Impala - from Serra Chevrolet, Birmingham, AL - less than 30,000 miles and numerous problems

Posted on Friday, June 13th, 2003 at 12:00am CDT by 6cb10c34

Product: 2000 Chevy Impala

Company: Chevy


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2000 Impala - I purchased a 2000 Impala "programmed vehicle" from Serra Chevrolet in Birmingham, Alabama almost 2 years ago. It was only driven by the owner of Serra's many car dealerships. I have less than 30,000 miles on the vehicle and have had numerous problems. Even though it was purchased from Serra Chevrolet in Birmingham, Alabama, the problems have been addressed by the Serra dealership in Sylacauga, Alabama (closer to my home of Alexander City, Alabama). I have had the front Rotos turned, Steering Wheel Shaft replaced, two Tires purchased (due to bad and unexplainable wear), Headlight Bulb to explode (this forced them to have to also replace the Headlight Assembly Case), and the Air-bag Sensor was replaced (the air-bag indicator on the dashboard would keep coming on). All of this was taken care of by the Serra Sylacauga dealership at no cost. Since they got me the two tires I purchased two of the same kind so that I would have excellent tires all around. They were Goodyear Eagles GA's and there was the worst road noise made with these new tires. They were exactly what were on the car previously. I was told that the band of tires caused this, thus I had several checks of the tires made. It was then suggested that I change to Michelin tires, which I did, and the problem was far less noticeable when I did so. Two days ago the Air-bag Sensor light came back on and I noticed that when I locked and/or unlocked the car with the remote one of the back Backup Lights did not come on as it should. It has since started working normally again. I also noticed that when the Radio is playing and I turn on the Rear Window Defogger, the radio station signal gets weaker. This was reported to Serra again yesterday and they planned to order a "Chevrolet" Back Window since the radio antenna is in it Window. It was mentioned that other non-Chevrolet windows were sometime used (that was really good news). The service manager said that he had to do this for one other customer. Another Air-bag Sensor was also ordered. I questioned him about was there a possibility that electronic problems existed with this model (bulbs exploding, lights not always working, radio signal interference). He was not aware of it but was going to check a Web-site or something to see if there was other reported electrical problems. I was told that a Professional Glass installer will come to a dealership nearer to me to do the work and I will receive a loaner car. It was not Serra's policy to provide loaner cars in the past. If it has changed, it is a plus for the dealership. Mind you that I have used this Service Manager for years with other cars and a different dealership, but he would do this for not just me but other customers as well. I am really concern that I will continue to experience and report problems even after my Manufacturers Service Warrant time and/or miles has expired. What is also frightening is that things that have been fixed are reappearing. It's like I need a list of everything that could and have gone wrong with this model to be known and reported before the warranty limitation expires. Mike L

Alexander City, Alabama


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