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Posted on Monday, June 10th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by d0f4f67c

Company: eBay.com

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I had our son order a computer for me on e-bay, with the same features as his, on Jan.22, 2002. I received it in about a week. I was very excited to get going with it. In about 3 weeks the power supply went bad. The company I purchased it through instructed me how to remove it and send it back to them for replacing. Again, about a week later the power supply came but the computer would not "power up". The power supply was working, but the tower would not boot up. I contacted the company and they had me mail the entire tower back to them. They claim I broke the warranty because I down loaded a "strange virus" in the bios that affected the power. It was supposed to have ruined the hard drive, CDRW and mother board.

They wanted to help their customer and seeing as I broke the warranty they would give me a deal and replace the parts at a good price. (I never received any warranty or invoice, I paid through pay-pal) So the parts were replaced. The tower was sent back to me to no avail, it still did not work. I have several correspondences with this company and they insist I did something wrong.

I could not get the tower to work past the first screen. The keyboard, mouse and ctrl, alt, delete keys would not respond to the computer. I sent and e-mail to them and told them I would have it analyzed locally. I waited for a response, none came. After about four weeks I did have it analyzed. I have the invoice and there were a lot of things wrong with the computer including a modem that would not work with this tower. The 2nd company "loaned" me a modem with hopes the first company would let me return the faulty one and get a replacement.

The first company said NO, NO, NO. They (1st company) keep saying dump things like it is the voltage in my home, a virus ate up the keyboard and mouse, they have all top notch parts in the tower. If I run the refrigerator and microwave at the same time, it could ruin the tower?????!!!! We have had several computers in our home and I have never heard of such craziness.

I have asked the first company several times to take the tower back and re-reimburse me for the tower and all the extra expenses I have in it. They refuse. This tower started out costing $630.00. I now have $854.78 and I still need to pay for the loaner modem and need a new keyboard and mouse besides. (I know it is the keyboard because I got permission from my place of work to bring home my mouse and keyboard and I was able to get the computer to work).

It was purchased through e-bay. I understand there is a place there you can make a complaint, but I'll be darned if I can find it.

Is there anyone out there who can help me?


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