Rite Aid Pharmacy in Albany,OR - again missing several prescriptions

Posted on Friday, June 7th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by b50baa0a

Company: Rite Aid Pharmacy in Albany,OR - again missing several prescriptions

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Complaints.com received the following consumer message on June 5, 2002:

From: Claudia Dalby [[email protected]]

RE: Rite Aid Pharmacy in Albany,OR - again missing several prescriptions

To Rite Aid Customer Service,

I picked up three prescriptions today on 06-05-2002, that were filled at the Albany pharmacy store #05365, and checked to make sure they were all there. This time, however, instead of missing just one of my refills I was missing two. I immediately told the clerk that they were missing and she looked around as if she couldn't believe it. When the manager came to the front to help another customer, I got her attention and asked her why it was that for about a year now I have to carefully check my pills to make sure none are missing.

The manager, Cheryl Whelchel, said it was their computers fault that it did not print out more than one label for my pills. I asked her why it was that whoever fills my prescriptions does not look on the qty. since it clearly says how many there should be. If I worked there I know that I would do my best to ensure that everyone received the right prescription and correct amount (this isn't just an ordinary job, it deals with peoples health).

She continuously made excuses for her employees and told me that if I did not like their service I should go somewhere else. When she finally did bring my pills to me there were only two there, and she told me I would have to return the next day for the last one. I don't understand why I have to return to this store again (waste my time, and gas money) when it should have been filled properly the first time and been ready for me to pick up today not tomorrow.

On Rite Aids Core Values on the internet it clearly states that customers are treated with respect and they feel appreciated and welcome. I must say this is a very stretched statement since I have been treated with extreme disrespect for the longest time now. In Rite Aids Mission statement it states that it has caring associates that work together to provide a superior pharmacy experience. Well somehow this mission is not being understood by all of its associates.

It is my hope that by writing this complaint, along with others that I have seen on your site on the internet, that Rite Aid will look into its hired help (especially its managers) and correct some of its problems. This way many, that have suffered even worst than my small injustice, will be treated with the respect they deserve. Perhaps more training is the key, then again hiring descent people never hurts.


Claudia Dalby

[email protected]


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