AOL - AOL - Totally disatisfied paying Customer

Posted on Wednesday, June 5th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by 34f6ab65

Company: AOL

Category: Internet Services

I am taking the last few moments of my time left before I have to leave to work, and without the information your service has promised and been paid to provide me with. I work for the state of Wa. as an Employment Specialist for persons with disabilities. The internet is a major part of my job, and is suppose to provide me with the information needed to support my clients as required by me. Your online customer service site has throughout the night been non existent, I have been a member of aol for several months and have provided you as my server payment for services I am yet to see.

My clients depend on me to provide them with the quality support required by my services. Aol has continually disappointed me with assurance of quality service that I have beeen promised as a server. I am highly outraged by your online support services you are required to promised to provide me as a paying customer. I am usually a very patient person but after spending the last six hours attempting to contact the online services you as a server state you province, I feel totally frustrated and on the verge of feeling you supply fraudulent sites to help your paying customers.

I pay the high rates you require to feel assured I in return will be provided the high quality service you state to give. I myself will still be providing my participants support services I am required to give even though you as my server have failed to give to me. At this time I am giving you notice that your company will no longer be authorized to direct withdraw anymore from my Bank of America account, and my family and I will contact another server less expensive and hopefully a lot more honorable with the provision of quality service. I will expect a response from you informing me of the credit due me at this time or the amount of time still paid for by me for the services you render.

I am sincerely sorry that I feel it has to be this way, but unfortunately last night was inevitably the last time I can continuously attempt to complete the job development or support services I have found to be non existent. I hope that in the future you can provide the services you claim to give to your members and that I will be able to find a server that will live up to the quality of service they advertise. This is a confirmation letter of my withdraw of services provided by you and will expect to hear a response that you will honor your promise of satisfaction given to customers such as myself. I will also be expecting you to cease from taking payment from my personal checking account commencing immediately, again I am truly sorry that I feel so ultimately dissatisfied with your support services as my server.

Sincerely, De Ann and Scott


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