AOL - AOL - unfairly billed for trial period following cancellation of trial after trial was extended by AOL

Posted on Monday, July 1st, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by f01517ac

Company: AOL

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This is a copy of an e-mail I sent to 32 friends. Hopefully they sent it to their friends and so on and so on. This is to let everyone know why we NO LONGER have aol. We were offered one free year of aol when we purchased our new Gateway computer in February 2001. The paperwork that came with the computer said that the "free offer" would expire one year and ONE MONTH after we activated aol, which I confirmed with "keyword: billing" online. In March 2002, I called aol to cancel the service. I spoke to a very nice young man [Jason] who offered us two more free months, which we agreed to accept. In May 2002, I called aol to cancel the service.

I spoke to a young lady named Chris who offered us TWO MORE FREE MONTHS, which we agreed to accept. This extended our free service to July 2002. June 13, 2002 -- I tried to long onto aol. I received a message that our service was terminated AND that we owed $47.80. I called aol FOUR TIMES that day.

The first time I never got past the recording. The second time I got Shawn, who kept repeating that we owed for March of 2002. I asked to speak to his supervisor, he said they were busy. I said, "Fine, I'll call back." The third time I got Robert, who said he couldn't get into billing without Steve's permission. The fourth time I got Will, who agreed that I should NOT have been billed and that someone had not entered the additional two free months into the computer correctly.

He then offered to give us TWO MORE FREE months for our trouble BUT the ONLY way he could reinstate us was to bill a credit card for the $47.80 and then issue a credit for the same amount. I told him that was "********." He also stated that the reason the service was terminated was because WE had given them a bad VISA account number. I told him that we NEVER gave anyone a VISA account number. He said we had to have because they wouldn't have opened the account without one. I told him no, that I hadn't given them an account number. He said my husband must have. I told him no, that my husband hadn't either. He then said Gateway must have given them the number.

I told HIM someone MUST have made a number up.

I asked to speak to his supervisor. Will said sarcastically, "Haven't you already been through this twice today?" I told him again that I wanted the charge removed. He repeated the terms to which they would remove the charge and reinstate aol. I told him I didn't want the

"******** account" and HUNG up. Later, I realized that not only didn't he explain why there were TWO months charges but there is no way they got a VISA number from GATEWAY because my husband bought the computer through payroll deduction. THEY BILLED US WHEN THEY SHOULDN'T HAVE...AND they terminated the "free trial period" more than a month early but it's OUR FAULT. THIS IS WHY WE NO LONGER HAVE AOL UPDATE:

June 28, 2002

We received a bill for $47.80 from AOL through the U.S. Mail.

I called aol & spoke to Paul. He told me that we were billed $23.90 for Feb 17 to Mar 17, 2002 in February. The charge was denied by the credit card company. When I called aol in March, they applied the two month credit they gave me at that time to Feb/Mar and Mar/Apr. In April they re-submitted a charge of $23.90 for Apr 17 to May 17. Again the charge was denied. I called in May, aol extened free service for two more months. AOL terminated our service on June 10, 2002. Paul never explained why we were billed for $47.80. Paul & I went round and round, him telling me why we owed aol money, me telling him why we didn't. I finally told him that we didn't owe them anything and we weren't going to pay them anything. When I called in March, aol extended my free service for two more months which would have taken us to May 17, 2002. When I called in May, they extended my free service for two more months which would have taken us to July 17, 2002. Nothing was said about us owing ANY money or charges being refused by the credit card company. The first I heard about that was AFTER they terminated our service. Even if I follow their logic (what a joke), we don't owe them anything. We had one free year for buying a Gateway computer. Feb 17, 2001 to Feb 17, 2002! In March 2002, they gave us two more months free. Feb 17 to April 17, 2002. In May 2002, they gave us two more months free. April 17 to June 17, 2002. THEY TERMINATED OUR SERVICE ON JUNE 10, 2002. We owe them nothing. Thank you,



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