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Posted on Monday, June 24th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by 0b17917c

Product: house construction

Company: Applecreeck Construction

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In mid September of 2001, I contacted Don Garett of applecreeck construction for an estimate to remodel my entire house. I wanted what used to be a three bedroom rancher turned into a six bedroom, two story home. After quoting me a price I agreed.

They began almost two months later due to bank error. They started by removing the existing roof , which took them four days to do, not only did they remove exhaust fans that should have been left alone, but they did not correctly tarp my roof leading to pouring rain for three nights straight, which ruined carpeting floor boards and my entire finished basement . letting that go thinking "it happens " they started building the addition . in May of 2002 they had finished or so they say. I went to look around the house and noticed lots of things that were not done the way they were supposed to be done. Closet doors that would fall on you, holes in walls where the electrician cut to install thermostats that were not covered correctly, the paint on the walls has tiny air holes and looks horrible, there is hump in my kitchen floor that the builder said could not be fixed, the bathroom on the main floor which was redone two years earlier is ruined with sheet rock cracking and redone horribly when they did the stucco to the front of the house, they left the sides of the house undone ,so the front of my house is beige and the sides where the siding ends is light blue. I have still to here from their insurance company about my basement. Every time I contact him I never get a straight answer .

This could be because I am holding his last draw os $2,200.00 for unfinished work . I had may things promised to be done if I made a punch list, About half of these things have been done. and when I call to tell them all I get is "Oh I thought they were done.

This has been going on since May. I am at my wits end and really do not wish to lose money on a lawyer . some advice would be greatly appreciated in this case thank you for your time and consideration.


Giovanna Lamberti


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