Pepsi - Pepsi Co. - prize contest asks to open online account of some sort - upset about promotion

Posted on Friday, June 21st, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by 4e56f861

Company: Pepsi

Category: Food

i now have two complaints. both with the pepsi co. i bought a bag of tostitos chips.inside is a card that tell you to go to register your number and you will find out what your prize is..the bag says win big cash...with cash printed on the bag. i go to the sight go round and round with ..what is your user about the conditions of some coin co...

this went on and would never end...i never did find out if i won any money coupons or anything.but i did go away feeling had.hey nothing is free...but the pepsi co. fraudulently used me the consumer with this silly game to open an account to what???

i did not have i do not know how much time to read their conditions..heck i just wanted what was promised on the bag. a chance to win something not to be used to sell something to again.than i go to pepsi to see if i could file a complaint..again to go around and around....

and on top of that they have some silly code on the bag which i think means do you reach them...? i report this to the better business time is worth something..


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