Walmart - Walmart's Supercenter, Abbeville, SC - rude service - frequent overcharges - long wait to correct overcharges

Posted on Thursday, June 20th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by a572078d

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Walmart's Supercenter in Abbeville is the worst place that I have ever shopped in, the employees are about the rudest people I have ever seen not the cashiers, I'm talking about the people who are suppose to be in charge of these people. You never see a store manager any where around and when they do call him to customer service he act's as though he can't imange why they would have called for him in the first place.

I had an experience there every time I go unfourtunately this is the only place there is to shop is this town. You can bet every time you go there you will be over charged by all means check your reciept before you leave and then get ready to go back to customer service and wait there for at least a half hour while they look at you as though you are crazy or lying.

You need to put some competent people in charge because the cast and crew you have located over here are a bad joke all they do is cut up and flirt I guess that is how you get a position there. We need Competition here to knock you people out of business or at least put a damper, on it I'm not the only person complaining some of your employees do the same they also can see what goes on in this store if that is what you call it ,pretty bad when your own employee's can see how you have to get ahead.

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Shannon T., 2012-08-21, 08:11PM CDT

I am a shopper at the Wal-Mart on Rivers Ave. Charleston South Carolina.

Today, I just about had it with them and their overcharging. It is not uncommon for me to scan the ticket after purchase and notice that the price at the register was different than the price at the display.

Today it was for Rock Candy Primer, it said 7.00 at the display and rang up

8.00 at the register.

I had to wait in line for 23 minutes to get back my dollar. I used to be the item was free or 3.00 for every item over 3.00, before that it was you get the entire price of the item plus the item free, as a penalty for robbing all those other people who did not even notice.

Now, they just give you back the difference and to boot they make you feel like a thief for expecting your hard earned money back.

I was treated very rudely, for a moment there I thought the checker wanted to punch me. She acted like I accused her of a crime, instead of the reality that I had been a victim of fraud.

So I come home and go online and what do I find? Well, Wal-Mart has been forced, in several states to pay a fine of millions in reparations to the individual states, namely California.

Does that stop them? NO. I will be contacting my state Attorney General and requesting the matter be looked into.

It is not fair that not only do they have poor service and do not provide as many jobs as they should to the community, to serve the community, but they seem to go out of their way to avoid their duty to keep pricing accurate at the register.

Ticked in Charleston, SC

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