AOL - AOL - upset with technical support with question about sending an attachment

Posted on Monday, June 17th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by 583e925d

Company: AOL

Category: Internet Services

June 15, 2002 @ 2:00 AM To Whom It May Concern: I spoke with a technician by the name of Lance this morning on-line for customer support assistance. In the beginning, he was polite and willing to answer my questions. Then, he began rushing through my questions and comments as if he was too busy for me (a current AOL customer) or that maybe he was trying to meet some sort of quota for the day.

Anyway, he informed me that the problems I am experiencing were either simple to resolve or that AOL was not equipped/ set up to handle these types of problems. He made me feel, well, quite frankly, stupid.

Each time he answered a question, I was either attempting to follow through with his suggestions/instructions or manually writing them down, which I informed him. However, his response each time was "That's all you need to know, Stan. Did you get my message above? Please respond. If not, try reading my instructions again." I have used AOL's customer service support numerous times and have never been so rushed through a service call by anyone as rude as Lance was and still haven't the slightest idea what his instructions were, at least not clear ones. All I asked him was (1) How do I send my resume which is located in a document/file on MS Office/Word. I didn't think the resolution was going to be so complicated. I have spoken with other friends who use MSN, Earthlink, etc. and they all tell me that this procedure is very simple. At this point, I am very frustrated with AOL and am considering speaking with my supervisor, who is in charge of the account. I am definitely convinced that there are too many competitors in the business that could explain my issues/problems with more patience, time and effort and certainly with less confusion. Thank you for your time and hopefully, your understanding. Sincerely,



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