AOL - AOL - ongoing billing problems - need help from AOL customer service

Posted on Thursday, June 13th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by d9f42ed9

Company: AOL

Category: Internet Services

I got my credit card bill today and had to charges from aol on it. One was for 71.70 which after an hour I found out was for the past 3 month, and 239.40 was for an account I closed over a year ago. I had an account that I was going to modify the name as I had 2 more grandchildren, we bought a gateway computer, which I got a year of aol free. Apparently it went out in March. My husband gets on the computer more then I do and every time he got on he got a message to update the credit card information.

My husband does not understand, anything about bills. I am the one who takes care of all that. He just gives me his check, and I pay the bills. When he updated the information he put in his name and my credit card. This credit card is in my name. He is a user on the card but he is not on the account. I tried to change the account over to my name because they would not give me any information only him. He told the first guy how could he get my name put on the account instead of his, and the guy told him go online. I did that and tried twice to no avail.

The first time it didn't work because when I typed in my name they wouldn't give me the information, I went back, tried again, and it would not let me do anything because the credit card, my credit card was already in use. The only way I could do it on line was to change the method of payment with my name. I don't want to do that it is my Airline card. I went back on line using my husbands name, and I got the information I was looking for on one charge, but they had no information about the other charge.

I tried to find out how to change the account to my name and was given the same bogus information. I finally called the 800 number again. I expalained to the women that I had tried to change the account over to my name and the only information that was going to change was the first name nothing else. I had told her what they had told me about the one charge being monthly back to march, and she informed me that the other charge was to my other account which had been closed for over a year.

She adjusted that because that was in my name, but I have to get my husband to call and say he wants the account changed over to my name. The first guy was asked and told he wanted me on the account, and he didn't do a thing, only to find out an hour later that this is how the change will take place. Tell me why does everyone have to make something so easy become so hard.

Why do you have to lie me saying I was my husband on line, just to find out what the first guy did was bogus. The situation is still not cleared up because what started at midnight has now turned in to a 3 hour ordeal and he still has to call to give them permission to put my name on the account.


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