Levitz Furniture - Levitz Furniture, Tacoma, WA - Stainsafe / Levitz have refused to honor the warranty

Posted on Wednesday, June 12th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by a6810f05

Company: Levitz Furniture

Location: TACOMA, WA, US

Category: Furniture

My husband and I purchased a leather couch and love seat approximately 1 and 1/2 years ago from Levitz Furniture Store in Tacoma. Along with the purchase, we also purchased a "Stainsafe Warranty" from Levitz whereby Levitz agreed to fix anything that went wrong with the furniture for a period of 7 years. We would not have purchased leather furniture had it not been for the promises and assurances made by Levitz concerning their extended warranty program.

When looking at Levitz' s leather furniture versus fabric furniture, we expressed concern that we owned a cat and dog and didn't think we should purchase leather as a result. While our cat had never scratched on any of our furniture, we had never owned leather and were concerned about scratches should the cat or dog jump up on them. We were induced to purchase the leather couch, loveseat and the extended warranty after talking with a Levitz salesman who explained that it did not matter what happened to the furniture during the 7 year warranty period,,, it would be fixed or replaced.

In fact, the salesman went as far as to explain how pleased he was to have purchased the extended warranty himself ...and how after having done so, his son and some friends had sat on his newly purchased Levitz sofa and had ripped a hole in the cushion of the sofa due to a screwdriver being in one of the kid's pockets. When they couldn't match the color with the rest of the couch, they replaced the entire couch. This representation "sold us" on purchasing a leather couch and loveseat. We were not given a "written contract" as you would receive with an auto insurance policy. Instead, we were given a box containing cleaning solutions and a pamphlet. The box expressly states under the leather portion that scratches are included in the warranty. Low and behold, a few months after purchasing the leather furniture we returned from out of town to discover scratches on our loveseat -- we had a house sitter. When the e-mail address on the pamphlet was not valid, I contacted Levitz by telephone. I was transferred to customer service and spoke with a lady (I did not obtain her name) who gave me the new e-mail address of where to place a claim.

This lady went on to explain that the company (I did not know at the time that Stainsafe is apparently an extension of Levitz) had realized that they were having to make too many repairs and that they were attempting to not honor some claims. She informed me that the company had since modified the writing on the "box" containing the cleaning solutions so as to delete certain types of damage that would be covered, and that if we still had our "box", to hang on to it. To date, Stainsafe/Levitz have refused to honor the warranty. I have been trying since November of 2001 to get Levitz to honor their commitment. At first, we were instructed to contact a designated repairman, which we did. However, this repairman never returned our calls. After three or four of these attempts with different repairmen supplied by Levitz, we were advised that someone would be out to fix the loveseat. When the representative showed up at our house (for which my husband took off work to meet), he did nothing more than take pictures of the loveseat.

When I didn't hear anything further for several weeks, I contacted Levitz. It was then that I realized that Stainsafe and Levitz are more or less the same company. Anyways, I was directed to speak with a female manager who took my name, phone number and claim number and said she would check on the status and call me back. Upon calling me back, the manager indicated that she was told that my claim had been denied and that I should be receiving a letter in the mail shortly.

The denial was based on the fact that the warranty did not cover scratches. I told her that we had purchased the warranty because we were specifically told that it covered any and all repairs. At this point, she too asked me if I still had the "box" containing the cleaning solution and advised me that I should hang on to that "box" due to the wording. I have now received a letter from the Customer Service Department of ..actually I don't know who it is from..there is no letterhead on the letter. The letter does mention "your Stainsafe warranty from Levitz". In any event, it specifically advises my husband and I that they will not take any further action on our claim because the warranty does not cover damage caused by animals.

This is completely against what was represented to us when we made the decision to purchase the leather furniture and extended warranty. I

feel cheated big time. Levitz should either have to stand by its 7 year warranty as represented, or we should be allowed to rescind our purchase of the furniture and warranty. Another thing that truly bothers me is that if

it has happened to us, it is certainly happening to others.



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