2000 Plymouth Neon - Car Insurance / Determine Value of a Vehicle

Posted on Tuesday, June 11th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by eb718229

Company: 2000 Plymouth Neon - Car Insurance / Determine Value of a Vehicle

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RE: 2000 Plymouth Neon - Car Insurance / Determine Value of a Vehicle

I am writing you this letter hoping you can give me some piece of mind. My problem is, I bought a used car about six months ago (2000 ply neon) it has low miles and is still on a factory warrant. I bought the car

for 9500$, as well as the protective seal for the paint, seats, ect for an additional 800 or so.

Here's my trouble. About two weeks ago the car was involved in an accident. The body shop where the car was sent to called me a couple of days later and said they needed my signature to start work on the car, and that there was approx. 46 hundred dollars of damage and once they got all of the parts they would start to work on it. They called me again and said the parts were in and that I could pick up my car on a certain date, okay fine.

Then a few days later they called me back and said while they were tearing it down they found more damage (about 900 dollars worth) and they were waiting for the insurance adjuster to check it out and give them the go ahead to finish the work. Then yesterday, he called and said he was going to total the car and that the car was not worth the 5,700 that it would cost to get the car fixed. After a lengthy conversation in which I told him that I didn't agree with his value of the car, I was willing to back that up with a print out form the clue book on that car and other sources and there was no way I was going to accept his offer on the value of the car and ask him to reconsider his offer.

Today he called back during the middle of day (he knows I don't get off work for several hours yet) He is now saying that the car according to his value is now worth $8138. The formula that he sues to determine if the

car is totaled or not is a mess I never heard of. He is deducting my 500 deductible from my insurance and go knows what else off the 8138 until he got a total of 6211. Then he subtracted 5700 from the 6211 and on that reason he is totaling the car because of the closeness of the two figures.

I tried to call him back and left a message to return my calls explaining this and as of now he hasn't called me back. This where I need to know if I am right or wrong on this matter. I always thought that if a car was worth more than the cost of fixing it, they will fix it, and if the cost of fixing it as more than the value of the car, they will total it. Is he still playing games with me? Hoping I will settle for less to save the company money. Or am I wrong and there is such a formula like this? Thanks for any help you can give me on this. Sincerely,

Samuel Fullerton

Lacey, WA 98503


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