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Posted on Thursday, June 7th, 2001 at 12:00am CDT by 2a2200cd

Company: Regency Camera

Location: BROOKLYN, NY

Category: Stores, Shopping

Hi I want to express my concern about a company called Regency camera located in Brooklyn New york, I purchased a SLR camera kit from them last 20 days back it seems like it was having some technical problem, so I tried to call their customer technical support, I called them three times for the first time he heard what I told and without saying anything the guy transferred me to some other extension no reply , second time seems like the same guy to whom I talk he simply cut the line without hearing me this is what made me so shame of why I had gone with them, the third time I tried an alternate number there a great gentleman heard what I said and again he simply transferred the phone and no response, is this is what customer service means don't they know how the people will get hurt if they don't hear for the other side at least they should be courteous,I know they are busy in Business but with whom?

They are sitting to hear us and answer us only and they are paid for that only what the hell is problem to not hear a customer and if they feel burden to not hear its not the right place fro them to work and do business, I had a very embracing situation after calling them and feeling very shame of doing business with them, see its not the value of the product which make you feel proud its the after purchase care with a smile, Really it doesn't matter whether the guy is selling a pin or a aircraft your service is very important that's what will make you to survive in the competitive World, One day I am sure they will be feeling the essence of their staff and support they are offering and about the way they had to deal with people, not to mention please don't hesitate to spend some money for buying things don't go with this kind of people u will lost your patience and satisfaction go with the genuine people.Once again I hate the way they behaved with me and sure they will be rewarded properly.


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