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_____________________ I sent the following letter to the Better Business Bureau regarding All Wood Furniture of NJ and NY. This is FYI and all I can say is consumer beware! Here goes: BBB: You are handling my complaint against All Wood Furniture of Fairfield, NJ. I just received a copy of their response to my complaint; they sent it to me via regular mail. I wanted to address some of what Mr. Logan, the company's vice president, said in his letter to you. He said that there is little truth to what I had stated in my complaint. This man does not know me, never spoke to me and does not have personal knowledge of what I have been through with his company or their merchandise. He is simply regurgitating information entered in his company's computer system. They didn't deliver the table and chairs separately; I am not lying about this. Ask him what date the chairs were delivered, and that is the date that I received the furniture. The table might have been delivered to the Union store in August of 1999. Perhaps the manager held it for delivery while waiting for the chairs. But I did not get my table and chairs in my house until October 1999... a full five months after ordering them. I called twice within my warranty period, only to basically be bullied into submission by this company's so-called "Customer Service" department: CALL NUMBER 1: Three months after the table and chairs were delivered, one of the chairs started coming apart. I called the manager, and he referred me to a Customer Service line. I called and was told that if I wanted the chair fixed, I would have to drive it to their New York-based location for repair! I argued with the man, who told me that if I couldn't find my receipt, then he couldn't help me. I tried in vain to find it, called him back, and he said no receipt, no service. I said, "Don't you have record of it there?" He said no. I said that I had the cancelled check. He said, "What if you are trying to get us to fix another piece of furniture that we didn't sell to you... no receipt, no service." I hung up, exasperated, basically resigned to the fact that they weren't going to help me. CALL NUMBER 2: In September 2000, another chair began to come apart. I called the Customer Service line again. They indicated this time that yes, they did see my name and what I purchased in their computer, but without a receipt, they couldn't help me. I argued and argued, to no avail. They refused to help me. Technically, since I didn't receive the table and chairs until October 1999, that would have clearly still put me in the warranty period. CALL NUMBER 3: On one other occasion I called out of my warranty time -- February/ March 2001. I tried to explain to the girl what had gone on for the past year and a half, and she was happy to tell me that now that I was out of warranty, they couldn't help me. Seemed ridiculous, since when I was still IN warranty, they wouldn't help me either. I ask to speak with her manager, and she said that he wasn't in. I began to get angry and asked, "Who can I speak to that is in charge and can help me resolve this?" And she said that she would not help someone who is speaking to her in that angry tone. I replied, "If I don't get resolution, I'm going to report you to the BBB." And she said, "Go ahead, it happens all the time. Nothing ever comes of it." And then hung up on me. I find it laughable that they one have record of ONE of my phone calls, the one that was OUT of the warranty time. Why aren't the two calls that I made during my warranty entered into their system? Hmmm... Now to address Mr. Logan's reference about my "lying" in regards to the location of his sto When I called the store manager to complain about the condition of the furniture, I did not know that the calls were being re-routed to the Fairfield location. I assumed that the Union store was still open for business. I referred to the Union store as the "Springfield" store because it sits on the town line. I am not familiar with the Paramus/Fairfield area, but I believe that they aren't far from each other. In February/March 2001, I was driving past the old Union location, and I saw that All Wood Furniture was no longer there. I called the old Union store number, and did not get an answer; it just rang and rang. (I was hoping that perhaps they just moved to another location in Union.) When I got home, I called information and asked if they could help me find an "All Wood Furniture" in New Jersey. I believe the operator said "in Paramus," and that is how I got the phone number to the Fairfield location. In all fairness, I would not have known if they were located in Paramus, Fairfield or Timbucktoo, for that matter. I am not from that area. I called the Fairfield location, and immediately recognized the voice of the store manager because of his Russian-sounding accent. I described my problem and asked him if he remembered me, and he responded yes. He said that now that I'm out of warranty, he can't help me. "But," I ask, "can't you call Customer Service and explain that I was still under warranty when all of these problems began occurring? You remember me." He says he can't help, again directs me to the Customer Service line; that is the third and final conversation which I have detailed above. To respond to Mr. Logan's third quasi-accusation: Why did it take me so long to write a complaint to the BBB regarding this company? I did try to call the BBB on a few occasions, but was unable to get a live person on the phone. I didn't have a typewriter or a computer, and frankly didn't have time to sit down and lodge a formal handwritten complaint. When I would hang up from my attempts to call either All Wood or the BBB, I would go on with my life; this is hardly the center of my world. I work, have kids and many responsibilities. But every time I would sit on my chairs that are falling apart, I'd get frustrated and think about how this company did not live up to their warranty or stand by their product. And I would get angry. I wrote to you in April; that was the month I got my computer. I logged onto your website looking for help. And that is why my complaint was filed in April. I think that you can see the type of Consumer Affairs/Customer Service this company offers to the public based on the tone in Mr. Logan's letter. Additionally, I think that it is most unprofessional of this man to send me a copy of this letter in which he states that he needs to have "a great deal of understanding" with "how people think and act even with a signed invoice." I do not deny receiving the merchandise or signing an invoice! The invoice, by the way, either me or my husband -- I can't remember which -- signed AT THE STORE IN MAY 1999 when we put a down payment on the furniture. I probably signed something on the date of delivery, but I don't think it was the invoice, it was something that the delivery company (it wasn't an All Wood truck -- it was a delivery company) asked me to sign and wasn't the same as the purchase invoice. I must admit, perhaps I didn't look closely at the invoice date, but I know when I got this furniture into my house -- in October 1999! And I know that I TWICE called for help during my warranty period, and yes, ONCE out of my warranty period. I know the Fairfield manager (if he's still there) knows and remembers me and definitely KNOWS that I called for help during my warranty period. I know that All Wood has horrible customer service and I know that my chairs are falling apart -- one of them now is completely unusable! You can let Mr. Logan know that "these people" (as he referred to my husband and me in his letter) do not have any way to get the chairs to his Fairfield location. They simply WILL NOT fit in my car, and why should I have to pay to rent a truck and waste two to four hours of travel/delivery time to go to Fairfield because of All Wood's poorly constructed product? And once those chairs are fixed, I am supposed to again rent a truck and waste yet another day to go pick the chairs up? I think not... If All Wood Furniture refuses to fix/replace these chairs -- (I'd be happy to let a local repairman perhaps fix them -- if they are able to be fixed -- if All Wood would pay for the work), what are my rights as a consumer here? Would they still stand as a member in good standing of the BBB? I certainly would hope not. I must say, I am not surprised that Mr. Logan's company has had to close down two of its three New Jersey locations. Perhaps they were lucky enough that nobody has ever complained about them to the Better Business Bureau before. But it would seem that the word of mouth about their horrible customer service and poorly constructed furniture has been enough to allow them to fail as businessmen in the Garden State. I can only feel sorry for those unsuspecting customers at their Fairfield, NJ and New York locations. I can only wonder how long it will take them to have to close up shop yet again and move on to dupe some other unsuspecting furniture buyers in some other area.


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