2002 Ford F10 Truck - 2002 Ford F10 Truck - from dealer Northcutt Chevrolet, Enid, OK - engine, transmission, brake, tire problems - not getting enough help from the dealer

Posted on Thursday, July 10th, 2003 at 12:00am CDT by a595a3c9

Company: 2002 Ford F10 Truck

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We thought we purchased a brand new 2002 F10 Truck from a local dealer here in town. We have had it a year now. We have complained to the dealership more than several times about the same things, such as: engine, transmission, brakes, squeaking tires, my husband has difficulty with speech he doesn't have a problem talking people have problems taking the time to listen to him, so I go along most of the time.

This is our first brand new vehicle we never suspected to be ripped off by a local dealership. We have been through the terrible stories I've read about already, so we made up our mind to do our business here in the town we live in Enid, OK. My husband has always owned Ford, but we switched to Chevrolet.

Within the first month I noticed things such as the idling, it drove like a tank, the new car smell was a dirt smell, the knobs started falling off the ac unit, the ac unit stunk like dirt, it never switched gears I'm not a professional, but I've been driving for years, it is experience a woman knows as well as a man when you drive a vehicle, especially a brand new one you expect good performance.

I couldn't believe the problems within the first 3 months back and forth into the shop, even though we have a warranty we are being hassled about our attitude. I previously wrote to the Oklahoma Motor Vehicle Commission hoping to get help to settle our concerns, but that made things worse, the general manager finally responded with an attitude saying I the customer was a difficult customer there was no satisfying me. They say there is nothing wrong with our truck that is what they have been saying ever since we bought it. They claim the problems are normal, and it is just our imagination.

So us as the customers are wrong no matter where we go for help. We have been talked down to by this dealership, treated as if we are abnormal kids, I'm at the point where I wrote a letter explaining we don't appreciate their service especially now accusing us of being stupid.

We have asked them to go on a road drive not in the city either the complaints we have are when we drive on the freeway, the city limits we have the problems with the shifting of the gears, and the brakes, but no matter what we say we are wrong. I've been struggling for a year to try to work issues out with the dealership, but they deny anything is wrong with this vehicle. Please if your office cannot assist us can you tell me where I can complain to, and if something can't be done.

It is just us up against a big car dealership that has taken this business way out of control. Attacking us as people that is not called for. For goodness sake I wouldn't be complaining if our vehicle at least drove good, it doesn't even get the mileage they said it would. We are unable to get any print outs of all the times we've been there, I thought every time we went there our complaints were put in the computer, our truck has been in the shop more than 3 times, only a couple of times did we get to use a rental. I'm tired, old, discusted, worn out, at my end of the rope.

I don't know where to turn to for assistance anymore, I'm unhappy with our truck, it has major problems, yet the Motor Vehicle Dept. said they cannot do anything for us.

Please help. Wilma M

Enid, OK

the company or dealership is called Northcutt Chevrolet, the owner will not talk to us ever he is always out to lunch or in a meeting they just don't care they made their sale last year, and complain now that I'm not just a complainer, but a difficult person. Thank you for your time, desperate in Enid, OK I know we are being taken advantage of I just don't know how to prove it with someone else to help us the truth will come out. Thank you again


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