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Posted on Saturday, July 5th, 2003 at 12:00am CDT by 49fa76ca

Company: Rockaway Bedding

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First off, let me state how "pleased" I was to see other complaints on your web site ( regarding the worst company I have ever dealt with, namely Rockaway Bedding.

As I type this I am waiting for my fourth (4th) mattress to arrive from the company. What lies next to me on the floor is not only a defective piece of garbage Rockaway Bedding calls a mattress, but also the source of the singularly most stressful situation I have ever had with any company in my entire 22 years of life. Here is a brief outline of my experience with ROCKAWAY BEDDING owned by Tony Locastro. I'll be "brief".

Mattress #1 - Huge gaping sag in the center after a few months. Wanted warranty as I am entitled to. Forced to pay $90 dollars for delivery/removal of old bedding (interesting since they dont charge to do that for new mattresses, when in effect im getting a new mattress-hopefully a quality one, the one I paid 600 dollars for in the first place.)

Mattress #2 - Again defective-Huge sag in the center. Refused to pay $90 for delivery/removal, after over 10 phone calls they 'kindly' reduced it to $25.

Mattress #3 - Again defective - This time they sent out an inspector to come look at it. I was more than happy to do so. He came, said it was defective. After 2 months and no phone call from Rockaway Bedding regarding the inspector and my defective mattress, I called them. They stated that they had tried several times to reach me, which is a farce because i have not only caller ID but an answering machine. After over 20 phone calls (hours on the phone on several occasions) i was allowed to go to the store and pick out a new mattress, this time without PENALTY (finally, i was getting somewhere, although, now im on my fourth mattress). Pick out new mattress.

They call to set up delivery - Rockaway Bedding is insanely inflexible with their delivery times, they force you into a four hour window when they call the night before. If you tell them its not good, you have to wait another week. They did this several times to me.

Deliver attempt #1 of Mattress #4 to replace my THIRD defective mattress - They claim my mattress is 'too-dirty' and refuse to pick it up. (I had moved the night before in the rain and it did have a spot of dirt on it). Call to reschedule delivery. They lost all record of my transaction. In addition to forcing me to make (again) over 10 phone calls spanning several hours to clear this up to get the MATTRESS THAT I PAID FOR, they wanted me to drive BACK to the store to pick out the mattress again. Not only did customer service not have my information, but the store (Chester, NJ) conveniently didn't have an order number on my stub and the receipt didn't have a descriptive name on it. I called the store and was able to determine the mattress i had picked out.

Deliver attempt #2 of Mattress #4 to replace my THIRD defective mattress - They delivered the correct mattress but the incorrect box spring (which is completely beyond me) I refused delivery (I for the 5th time set aside time to accept the delivery). Again i was FORCED to make 5 phone calls spanning over an hour to clear up THIS mess. The delivery man claimed they dont make mattresses with metal in the base. Customer service claimed they same, and also stated that they are unaware of their own product lines and that the store would have to contacted, mind you all of these phone calls im on hold 75% of the time.

Deliver attempt #1 of Mattress #4 to replace my THIRD defective mattress - As always, they called me the night before to TELL me when they were delivering the mattress, as usual "between 8AM and 12PM". This was not acceptable as I had DELAYED the delivery even more so that It would come at a reasonable and convenient time for ME THE CUSTOMER. He obliged and said it would be between 1PM and 4PM. I got a call this morning (July 3rd, 2003) at about 9:15 AM that the truck was at my house to deliver it. BUT THEY WERE AT THE WRONG HOUSE AT MY OLD ADDRESS. Let me clarify-they somehow managed to deliver to my correct address the previous two attempts, but got it wrong the third time (in the information age-this is beyond me). In addition to that, the delivery man completely disregarded the fact that I had withheld delivery for a week specifically so I could have it delivered without me CHANGING MY LIFE AROUND.

I urge Rockaway bedding to post a reply to this. (I am sending the identical email to their offices). I am also filing a complaint with the better business bureau.

Michael Moss


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