Bank of America, Hot Springs, AR - trouble with payroll deposit

Posted on Friday, July 4th, 2003 at 12:00am CDT by d0074594

Company: Bank of America, Hot Springs, AR - trouble with payroll deposit

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RE: Bank of America, Hot Springs, AR - trouble with payroll deposit

My husband has been out of work for 3 months and June 30, 2003 we got his first check from his new job. They mailed his check to our house in Malvern, Arkansas. My husband works in Little Rock, Arkansas. I went to the branch bank in Hot Springs, Arkansas to deposit my husband's paycheck. They told me they were going to put a 5 day hold on it so I asked to talk to the branch manager.

She told me that they didn't recognize the company that he worked for and weren't familiar with what their checks look like so that's why. She said to have my husband take it to the bank that was by his work and they probably wouldn't put a hold on it cause they would be familiar with the company. The next day he took it to the branch bank in Little Rock, which is around the block from where he works and they told him they were going to put a 2 day hold on it because we didn't have enough money in our account to cover it if it came back. It says PAYROLL check on the check. He asked them if they would call to verify funds and credit our account.

They said they normally would, but because we've had NSF on our account in the past year they didn't have to. He called me and told me that he went ahead and deposited it and I started calling the bank at 12:30. I called the 800# and sat on hold for over 10 minutes waiting for someone to pick up. They told me that the only person who can override the hold is the branch manager at the bank where he deposited it. I asked her for the number for that branch. I called it and it was the Downtown North Little Rock branch not the Downtown Little Rock branch. Luckily, it was the branch manager's direct number at the Downtown North Little Rock branch and she gave me the number for the correct branch manager, Brandon Clemens.

I dialed it and it automatically picked up with his voice mail saying that he was either not in or couldn't answer the phone. I left a message and briefly explained the situation letting him know that I was upset and wanted him to call me back as soon as he got this message. After waiting over an hour for him to call me back, I called the branch manager at the Downtown North Little Rock branch and asked if she had the main number for that branch. She gave that to me and when I called it after listening to the automated directory and pressing "4 to speak to someone at this branch" it rang and rang and rang and then said "there is no one available to take your call so we're transferring you to the automated telebanking center" which is the 800#. I just about threw the phone. I sat on hold another 10 to 15 minutes.

While I was on hold a call beeped in and the caller id said unavailable. I had already been on hold for 8 minutes at that time so I wasn't going to switch over and risk them hanging up cause someone wasn't on the line. After someone picked up they transferred me to the call center supervisor and she transferred me to the branch I was trying to get and stayed on the line with me until someone picked up which took about another 5 minutes of me holding waiting for someone to answer.

The girl at the branch that answered the phone at the Dowtown Little Rock branch said basically the same thing I had been told before that because of the NSF they could put a hold on it for as long as they want. I told her that I had left a message for the branch manager there and she said "well, he tried to call you back but you didn't answer". I said "well, can I talk to him now" and she said "no, he doesn't want to talk to you and his contentions are the same as mine".

I said "well, you politely tell him that I SAID I will close my account as soon as it's conveniently possible since he can't take the time to talk to me". Then I called the 800# again and waited another 10 to 15 minutes for someone to answer. The girl that answered told me that she could file a formal complaint but all they would do is acknowledge it and wouldn't do anything. I said basically they don't care if I'm a customer or not. She said yeah, that's basically it...they care if they have customers or not but they don't care if I'm their customer. I was livid.

She told me that they take several things into consideration when deciding to place a hold, the amount of money in your account, the amount of NSF's you've had in the past year, how long you've had your account, etc. I asked her if it showed how long I've had my account with Bank of America. She said, "yes, since 1995". By the time I finally gave up with them I was asking to speak to the Bank President of Bank of America.....of course, they wouldn't let me. What really made me so upset is that they told me that normally they would call to verify funds, but since I've had NSF's on my account the past year they weren't going to. I said "shouldn't I be one of those customers you would do that for or do you just WANT me to have another NSF on my account so next time I come in you can tell me "oh.. you've had NSF's on your account so you can only come in and make deposits on Thursdays". Please don't use my last name, street address or phone number if this is posted on the web or published. Thank you. Chris

Malvern, Arkansas 72104


d733b9aa, 2008-01-10, 08:55AM CST

I am having the same exact trouble with Bank of America in New Britain, CT right now. I deposited my husbands paycheck which is from a major corporation through out the US. I deposited his check they refused to release the hold even though I have been with them for over a year because I had an NSF in the past I made the deposit to cover the NSF and I made another deposit long story short since they refused to release the hold everything that came in after I made the deposit was returned and the bank charged me with over $100 in overdraft fees. As soon as this is resolved I will never and advise anyone I know to never bank with Bank of America again.

aed74d59, 2008-04-22, 02:06PM CDT

I'm having almost the same problem with Bank of America right now as well. I've been a customer for over 15 years and never had any problems. Then there was a check I deposited from a credit card that never went through. However the funds were available so I used them to consolidate bills, then after the money was used, they returned the check. So I was overdrawn by a good chunk of change. I deposited a check from my investment account and they put it on hold for 11 days. During those 11 days I was overdrawn and racked up over $400 in fees from Bank of America and my creditors who were trying to deduct my bills electronically during this time.

I called and spoke with supervisors, branch managers and everything. Nothing was done and their reason to hold the check for so long was complete BS.

After this is resolved, I'm taking my business elsewhere.

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