Best Buy, Belmont (Redwood City), CA - extended warranty not honored on washing machine

Posted on Thursday, July 3rd, 2003 at 12:00am CDT by 80d302a9

Company: Best Buy, Belmont (Redwood City), CA - extended warranty not honored on washing machine

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RE: Best Buy, Belmont (Redwood City), CA - extended warranty not honored on washing machine

Best Buy washer purchased with extended warranty not honored

Purchased at the Belmont (Redwood City), CA location

We purchased a washing machine from Best Buy in August 2001. In Nov 2002, a Best Buy representative came to our home and looked at our washer which was not working correctly. He informed us that a part needed to be replaced. We were told that the part would take 2 weeks to arrive but 4 weeks later, when our whole family left for an extended time away, we had not heard from Best Buy. When I returned in February 2003, I called Best Buy again and was told that since no one was there when the part arrived, they had to send it back. I accepted the fact that we were not around, even though we were informed that it would only take one week for the part to arrive. In February, after my phone call to Best Buy, I was told that the part would be on order once again. By April, I received a phone call from Best Buy saying that the part had arrived, but it was the wrong part, therefore, it had to be ordered YET again. By now, my frustration was at a very high level as I've waited many months for the repair to take place. In May 2003, I called Best Buy yet again and they were unable to tell me when my washer will be fixed. I'm extremely dissatisfied with the service I've been receiving with regard to my washer.I wrote a letter to Best Buy head office and received a phone call from a representative who informed me that the faulty part was no longer being manufactured and that he was going to go ahead and make the request for a replacement. That eased my frustrations somewhat. Two days later another representative called to say that the replacement has been approved and that I was to call the nearest Best Buy to make the arrangements. It's been a week. I left several messages and no one bothered to call me back. I finally got hold of someone this afternoon and he informed that there was NO paperwork for my washer replacement. I then called the Best Buy 800 number and they too did not have any information regarding the replacement. So I have written YET another letter to the head office to see what's going on. Best Buy is the WORST BUY I've ever encountered. Promises of aiding the consumer are actually to deter you from making complaints and to ease your mind for the time being hoping that you'd conveniently forget about your woes. I will never purchase another item from Best Buy again. Whatever the 'good deals' or desirable service plans they offer is not worth the endless grief you will encounter later. Having a toddler without a fully functioning washer is grief enough, but to have it not fully function for 8 months is beyond comprehension. Regards, Anita McElvane


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