Silkies - HCI Direct - returned pantyhose - billed for $ 13.66

Posted on Friday, July 18th, 2003 at 12:00am CDT by 63dffe62

Company: Silkies - HCI Direct - returned pantyhose - billed for $ 13.66

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RE: Silkies - HCI Direct - returned pantyhose - billed for $ 13.66

I am amazed that I am having to take this route to clear up a small bill for $13.66, but I refuse to give into a company that obviously does not want my business.

Earlier this year you sent me 2 packages of nylons. One came in my name and one came in my daughter in laws name, Mrs. Shawn Bush. At that time, I returned both sets to you due to the fact that I haven't ordered from you in years.

At the same time, I sent you a letter (since there is no apparent phone number to reach you) stating what had happened and that I was returning the items. I received two delinquent notices at which time I sent you a copy of the receipt from the post office and the tracer from the internet showing you had received them.

After that, I received a check from you for $1.80 which was the total amount of the postage for both returns. I assumed everything was cleared then.

Today, I received another delinquent notice , in my name only. It looks like you cleared one of our accounts and not the other, even though both bills were in the return with the nylons.

Let me tell you that I have no intention of paying for this shipment. I do believe this falls under Mail Fraud Status (Title 18, United States Code, Section 1341, prohibiting the shipment of unordered merchandise.

I expect someone to clear my account immediately and send me something showing it has been cleared. Please remove my name and that of Mrs. Shawn Bush from your records. This experience has taught me once again why I shouldn't be dealing with mail order companies.


Darlene M Cooks

Account # 101363937-5


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