2000 Volvo S80 - 86,000 miles - trouble with the transmission

Posted on Wednesday, July 16th, 2003 at 12:00am CDT by 95547423

Company: 2000 Volvo S80 - 86,000 miles - trouble with the transmission

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RE: 2000 Volvo S80 - 86,000 miles - trouble with the transmission

I have had nothing but problems with this car. I am currently up to 86,000 miles and am having problems with the transmission which by the way Volvo does not repair they replace at a cost of approximately $2,500.00. I live in Little Rock, Arkansas and there is only one dealership in the city (North Point on Rodney Parham) which has got to be the Volvo dealership from hell.

If they don't know what is wrong with the car. Currently I have to drive approximately 150 miles to Memphis, Tennessee for service. But back to the transmission.

I took my vehicle into North Point here in Little Rock when the "transmission service" light came on. They charged me approximately $100 to tell me it needed to be replaced. I took the car to Memphis and at a cost of approximately $350 they replaced the transmission fluid and made a few minor adjustments. I purchased this car right before I retired because I assumed from talking to other Volvo owners that I was buying a top of the line vehicle. So far I have had to replace all four tires at $100 per tire, replace the switch in the steering wheel - approximately $400, the car stopped idling properly when stopped - another $300, the cars finish began to mess up and it needed repainting, etc. I have contacted Volvo only to hear there is nothing I can do and this has proven to be a gigantic and costly mistake at a time when I can ill afford to purchase a new car. My advice to anyone and everyone. Don't ever buy a Volvo and don't every buy any car where there is only one place in town where it can be serviced.


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1722eef2, 2010-04-14, 10:10AM CDT

i have the same car make and model and i have the same ,thesame headache iswear , i almost feel like you `ve taken the words outta my mouth>

31aa4835, 2010-06-18, 03:59PM CDT

I agree. I have same problems on my s80 (2000 year). I just spent 3000$ on suspension, brakes, ball joints, heater/ac fan and 3 weeks later, transmission light came on and was told from volvo that I need to replace the transmission at a cost of 4000$... If I dont car is worth NOTHING if I sell it. I never seen a car with a tranny problem at 135 000 KM. What a piece of junk.

Anonymous, 2011-01-31, 03:16PM CST

Dont buy volvo after 1998 ,there all made by FORD ,THATS WAY THERE SUCKS,I HAVE 240, 1991 250K RUNS LIKE A CHAMP

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