2001 Silverado 4 door dually pick up - main computer went bad - very upset with GM

Posted on Wednesday, July 16th, 2003 at 12:00am CDT by 81fb38c9

Company: 2001 Silverado 4 door dually pick up - main computer went bad - very upset with GM

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RE: 2001 Silverado 4 door dually pick up - main computer went bad - very upset with GM

To General Motors I am so furious with General Motors for the evasiveness of dealing with their problems. The only number at which you can talk to a real person is customer service and I swear these people are all of 18 years old.

They know that they can say what they want with no reprocussions because they are the only people that we can get ahold of by phone. I want to talk to a person who has the ability to help solve problems or someone

who can give me a phone number to someone who can.

I bought a 2001 Silverado 4 door dually pick up , VIN # 1GCJK3313F189715 in Nov 2001. The first week I had it I had to have it towed to a dealer over an unplugged chip of some kind. 2 weeks later I had to have it towed and they told me the main computer went bad and had to be replaced. At less than 9000 miles it broke down

on me and I had to have it towed because the transmission went out on it. Needless to say the tow truck driver and I are now on first name basis.

I had called your customer service twice and told them how unhappy I was with the performance of this truck and that I am always afraid it will break down on me. The young woman who spoke to me told me I would

have to deal with it that I should be glad that I had a warranty. Now here comes the biggy..... I leave on Thursday night July 3rd to drive from Charlotte NC to Baldwin Mich, an 18 hour trip, we get 3 hours down

the road in a town called Wytheville Virgina and we find that we have a bad fuel leak, the diesel fuel is all over the truck and the trailer I am hauling.. It is 1:30 a.m. on a holiday weekend, we are up till 4:30am

trying to find someone to work on this truck, with no luck.

The next day we spend 2 hours in the a.m. trying to find someone to no avail. We finally have the truck towed to a dealership and we are left stranded on the highway exit waiting for my daughter to bring me another truck to haul this trailer with. We finally get another truck by 4:30 p.m.and then go on our way for this trip.

I have this far been interrupted in our trip, had to spend a night in a hotel and then stay stranded on a highway exit for 6 hours and finally arrived in Mich . Saturday instead of Friday, loosing a day of our trip.

We got back to NC late on a Sat, night and called on Monday morning to the dealership who had the truck, I thought I was being very fair in the assumption that GM should have the truck brought back to Charlotte for

me. Not so said the dealership, so I called customer service and made this request and the gentleman I spoke with said NO, we don't do this, so I ask him to have it towed back to Charlotte and he said NO, and I ask him what was GM's responsibility in this and he said, to have it fixed at the dealership period. I ask to speak with his supervisor and he told me that he was the top and I told him I wanted to have this truck bought back by GM for I could not trust it at all anymore and he said that he was the one to make those decisions and his decision was NO, well I now know why he said all those things, its because we cannot get past customer service to complain to anyone else.

This company is so huge it thinks it does not have to have other numbers to reach people at the top, I can honestly say that I have searched their web site top to bottom and you cannot find a way to reach anyone. I would like any person who works for GM to say they would like paying 40,000.00plus for a vehicle that is not trustworthy at all. I do not care that I have a warranty, the reason I bought a new truck was for dependability and I do not have this with this truck. I am willing to buy another truck with the hopes that it won't be the Lemon that this one is, it is not like I am trying to get out of owning a truck just this particular one.

I do not know if this will do any good at all, but I am a Chevrolet person, other than my truck I have 2 Yukons and a Cavaliar, and I want to remain a Chevy person. but I am not happy about this truck at all and am furious with the lack of caring from GM employees, I don't want some young person in customer service to make decisions about my business, I want to be able to talk with more than one person when it concerns something this important. and I think there should be more phone numbers to be able to reach different people , your customer service sucks, its just a voice on the end of the other line who has no reprocussions with

decisions they make.

I want to be contacted about this matter by someone other than customer service, I am willing to take this as far as I have to, starting first with televison customer action, legal action next. I will not be stuck with this vehicle just because I cannot get a valid phone conversation with someone.


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