2000 Ford Focus LX - has stalled several times under normal driving conditions

Posted on Sunday, July 13th, 2003 at 12:00am CDT by 094947ce

Company: 2000 Ford Focus LX - has stalled several times under normal driving conditions

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RE: 2000 Ford Focus LX - has stalled several times under normal driving conditions

I drive a 200o Ford Focus LX. I have had it stall out several times on me under normal driving conditions. at first i thought it might be me leaving it out of gear or something, but then I read a article in the newspaper stating that Ford focus's have a problem with this. I brought my car to the dealership and had them look at it and they found nothing wrong with it. Has anyone else had this porblem?

I dont remeber where i was the article but I wish that i did... I have found several related articles about Ford cars with the same problems, but mine was not listed. I am trying my best to get it fixed but when i take it in, theres no problem so they cant fix it! I will go and do anything in my powers, goto local papers, news stations, ect... if i have to! Please help... do you have similar problems? Lets talk...

I have been a Ford Customer for years and recently bought a Focus. The car was 1 yr old but brand new when I bought it. I have had it for a little over 2 years now and I have had problem after problem after problem and recall after recall. I am very upset because going through this is too much for a car that is only 2 1/2 yrs old. I now have 41,000 miles and under the GOLD extended warranty, in which I purchased at time of purchasing the vehicle. It is a 3rd party warranty.

Approximately 6 months after I bought the car, the car started to sputter upon acceleration. I took it into Plantation Ford and they repaired it. Now, I have also had problems with the check engin light on a constant basis, also the car will stall out right in the middle of driving on a highway going a steady speed of 65 mph or will just stall at any given time.

This is not Normal! So, at first, I was curious as to why it was happening, but then I read an article in the paper about how it was happening to several people. I called Plantation Ford and took my car in. They said they do not see a problem. I called customer service and they said they knew nothing about it. Just to bring it back when it breaks down! Is that CUSTOMER SERVICE?

Now, since this time, I have had recall after recall and then I go to my car to go to work and my key wont go into the car. I called Ford, figuring that it would be covered under the extended warranty and It was not. There was a pin in the ignition that had fallen out somehow. They charged me $330.00, since its not warranty. $100.00 for the part and the rest in Labor. Come on, I know it doesnt take someone even close to 2 hours to do that job. I understand they go by the book for time, but at $80 an hour???

Maybe you can afford that, but not all of us can. I brought the car home and went away on vacation-less $330.00 and when I returned, My car began the sputtering upon accelerating again, like it did in the begining. I was about to take it to Ford, but they have a diagnostic fee of $80 just to look at it. I took the car to my company's mechanic he inspected it, drove it around and found nothing wrong with it....(at NO charge). So at this point I am still driving a car that sputters upon acceleration and that just goes dead in the middle or driving it.

Which isnt really safe. I then proceeded to contact Ford Cutomer Service and I was speaking to Althea at ext #2507 -(800)392-3673, and was speaking to her for about 20 mins when I got disconnected. She GAVE me her extension and When I got disconnected, I called her back. I spoke to Rick #3020 and asked to be transfered back to Althea. He said NO. Fords policy is "if you get disconnected they will not transfer you back to that representative". After speaking for 20 mins to the 1st rep, I didnt really care to start another 20 min conversation with someone else.

I asked to speak to a supervisor, and was informed by Rick: "it will take 24-48 hours for you to be contacted by a manager". Well, Thats not really good enough because my car isnt running correctly. I may not have much time before I am stranded on the street. Not to mention they cant even find the problem. I drive in a city with a lot of traffic. This could be very dangerous, not just to me but for all the other people on the streets. I dont know at this time where to turn.

I will contact everyone I can to get this resolved. I dont think that ongoing problems like this should occur with a car that is so new. I wanted to try to contact management before I take further action to try to resolve this. Can you please help me in this matter? Todd Friezer


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eedd5444, 2008-08-12, 07:31PM CDT

I've been having this same problem!!! My car is a Ford Focus 2004 SE. It sputters at high speeds and then slowly dies or, at other times, dies at any unknown moment. Ford took it in. They said nothing was wrong with it. For a year, I had no troubles after that moment. THEN, suddenly, driving on the highway, it started to give, sputter, and I had to get off the highway. At idle, it died. Long story short, the mechanics are baffled. They can't find anything wrong with it and the computer is giving no signal! They don't know what to repair, because it could be anything along the power or gas lines.

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