A 1 Auto Transport - A 1 Auto Transport, Casselberry, FL - paid $ 650 for auto transport - vehicle not delivered on time as promised

Posted on Sunday, July 13th, 2003 at 12:00am CDT by 6c472fe3

Company: A 1 Auto Transport


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My 1993 Honda Accord was picked up by A1 Auto Transport on June 20, 2003. The agreement was to transport this vehicle from Houston, Tx to Orlando, Fl. The agreement was door to door service. The company touted 7-14 days delivery of the vehicle. It is now 14 days and the vehicle has not left the terminal in Houston, Tx yet.

I have called on numerous occasions to get status, and have been repeatedly lied to. I have been promised that the vehicle would be in Orlando, early the week of June 29th. Then mid week June 29th and so on and so on. I finally got in touch with Gail who promised me that the vehicle would be delivered to my house in Orlando either on 7/4 or at the latest 7/5.

I called the last time on 7/3 to verify this and was told the vehicle had not left yet. I was told that the driver was in New Mexico. The day before, I was told he was in Texas. I asked for a discount, and was told that it was not possible. I asked to speak with someone else an this is when I was told "your car is late and I am not giving you > a discount."

When I asked the gentleman to identify himself, he said, " I don't have do go into that with you" and hung up on me. I have since found out that this person who was so incredibly rude to me was the owner of the company (Tony Taylor). I called back, and spoke to the same woman I had been speaking to and asked if I had ever been rude or disrespectful and she said no. I asked to speak to this man again.

He finally got on the phone and said "he was going to be blatantly rude with me and had no time for my problem". I asked him to give me my car back without a cancellation penalty and he refused. He said that I could either pay the cancellation fee or pay for the car to be shipped. I asked him then when I could expect the vehicle and he said 7/8/03 or 7/9/03. After 18 days my vehicle finally arrived in Florida and is now in my possession.

Damage Resulting = I have been charged $650 for a service that was promised to me in a timely manner. This did not happen, which in my opinion should have been grounds for a termination of the agreement without a cancellation fee, or a discount in the fee for transporting the vehicle. None of this was an option and I feel that I was left with no choice but to take what ever this rude owner wanted to dish out.

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