1999 Chevy Tracker 2WD - 1999 Chevy Tracker 2WD - already replaced head gasket adn timing chains

Posted on Sunday, July 13th, 2003 at 12:00am CDT by 665b4447

Company: 1999 Chevy Tracker 2WD

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I am writing to complain about chevy and rockenbach Chevy both> i purchased a car from rockenbach have not had two yrs yet but bought used and it needs an engine replace for 6800 at not even 55000 miles.

The car is a 1999 tracker 2WD and i have already had new head gasket and timing chins put on it four months ago a 52000 miles so now I am thinking about suing dealership and Chevy for selling an unreliable car and not safe to drive car as it kept dying in highway traffic anytime I put foot on brakes it would die.

I will tell you now buy foreign do not buy American and never a chevy. I am a 17 yr driver of only Chevys and now i would not buy one if it killed me.

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770a78f4, 2009-02-04, 09:39AM CST

who ever you are you need to rethink your thoughts before posting them on a websight that americans can read. for one there are lemons in all auto makers and you are 17 you say well you probly drove the crap out of this thing being imature and showing off for your friends. so grow up and you will realize one day that when you buy foriegn you are slowly taking money and jobs away from americans, and giving it to third world countries that are against us, if your so dead set about not buying american maybe you should move to one of these other countries and let us americans take care of this nation. you'll understand one day.

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