Hy-Pro Chemical Corporation - liquid cleaning product not as effective as promised - refund denied

Posted on Friday, July 11th, 2003 at 12:00am CDT by ff62c784

Company: Hy-Pro Chemical Corporation - liquid cleaning product not as effective as promised - refund denied

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RE: Hy-Pro Chemical Corporation - liquid cleaning product not as effective as promised - refund denied

Yes, this happened to me personally. I purchased this product. I have the letter from the Hy-Pro Chemical Corporation stating that they do not honor an agreement made by their sales person. If you would like a copy of this letter and the purchase receipt I will be glad to fax it to you. S. Milazzo

Liquid cleaning product sold by the gallon at 66.00 per gallon promises to clean anything. This product is no better than ammonia or baking soda in my experience. Sales person uses full strength of concentrated product for demonstration.

Sales person states money back guarantee however, Hy-Pro denies this guarantee even with a written request. Please pass on. Sandra Milazzo, Royal Palm Beach, Florida.


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2cead295, 2008-11-29, 11:08AM CST

BUYER BE WARE !! I too purchase this product. The salesperson sprayed my carpet and lifted a stain, and showed me how the cleaner cleaned permanet black magic marker on a cloth. My husband got ink on his jacket and i use the cleaner to get it off. I scrubbed and scrubbed and remix the solution and scrubbed again and the stain is still there! I beleive what is in the bottle the salesperson uses is very different from the gallon bottles they give you! I have called the number several times and it states that the mailbox is full. I think this is part of their scam so you cannot get your money back. PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!!! YOU WILL BE OUT OF $74.00!!!

9c0487a2, 2008-12-26, 05:46PM CST

I purchased the same product from very eager salespersons. I have to agree that they scamed me. After purchasing, they brought me a box with the gallon container, and a brush took to use and materials. What I did not realize after a period of time, there was a pin sized hole in the plastic container near the bottom. It soon leaked completely out and I may have recovered less than one-quarter of the fluid. The next time they show up at my place, I am calling the police.

987c63ff, 2009-08-04, 03:53PM CDT

If you listen to the Sales Person, They are clearly telling you that it will NOT TAKE OUT SET IN STAINS. If that stain has been on there for even a Few Hours The cleaner Nor anything for that matter will take it out. Only a Pair Of Scissors. We Do NOT use the Product full Strength. If you smell the Gallon it has a Distinct smell Kind or like Windex However the Cleaner in the Bottle is HIGHLY DILUTED so it has almost NO SMELL. THIS Is a CONCENTRATED CLEANER. Please use it accordingly as the Bottle, Gallon Or Brochure asks you too And The cleaner works Just Fine.

0f350b89, 2009-08-26, 07:37PM CDT

This is amazing to read, and though it's years after the fact, I feel compelled to defend the business, somewhat. I used to sell this product, door-to-door, and I assure you, it is NOT concentrated. Our sales managers are such tight wads that there is no way we'd ever be allowed to waste cleaner like that. We mixed a little less than 40% solution, 60% hot water. The cleaner does work. On some things, it's phenomenal. Examples are shower doors, windows, carpet spots (normal dirt people, not melted was, red nail polish or black sharpie). It does fine as a surface cleaner. It's good in the laundry for brightening whites. It doesn't clean brass (that's the #0000 steel wool working-if you've seen this, those salesman are dishonest.) It doesn't take rust or oil out of your driveway (that's the wire brush-that's also a scam pitch.) Our crew did little of that. We sold the cleaner based on it's intended use and our perky personalities, hard work and good nature. Believe it or not, every sales crew is not a scam. Unfortunately, not all sales crew have great trainers and managers. Never buy magazines, never trust a cleaner pitch that relies on a 'tool' to scrub it and good luck.

former 090

a160d68b, 2009-11-14, 08:41PM CST

Yeah, the salesman below me is full of you know what. When the guy came to my house the first time 6 years ago he was scrubbing oil off of the driveway. Tell me how that's "3 hours fresh". The second time I got a visit, which was tonight the salesman scrubbed my grout. The wife was SOOO impressed, she begged me. I said no, we already had some that was 6 years old, but thanks anyways.

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