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Posted on Tuesday, July 9th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by 2806d823

Company: AOL

Category: Internet Services

Being very frustrated with not being able to receive attachments in my E-mail I called AOL service (800-827-6364) and talked with a lady who did not seem to care about my frustrations (she probably had too many of her own). When I could not give her the date that the problem started, she said that if I did not know when it started there was nothing she could do for me. Well, if a server can't serve, why have the server? So, I asked for the number that I could cancel my account. She connected me with that department. A "charmer," of great practice, came on line after I had listened several long minutes of what a great server AOL could do for me. (Yeah right! They could not even serve attachments to my E-mail) My frustration was really heating up. I didn't care if I ever heard of AOL again. The "charmer," I do not remember his name, was great. I did not believe all that he said, but he said it in such a charming way and was so much fun. His statement, "What idiot told you that? We don't have to know the date of your problem, we just need what the problem.

I have a special friend in the technical department (I grinned) who will be able to fix you right up. "Yes, I see he can, he is smiling and nodding his head." (Yeah right, he probably is not even in the same office. But it was funny and I enjoyed the conversation.) He also pretended to be as mad as I was, this I did not believe, but it did soothe me down and that was his job and he did it well. I talked with a technician named Robert, and he was very understanding and by now I no longer was mad. (Come on, read the rest of this, you will soon see why I am upset again.) I still do not have "Attachments" but the technical department asked for 3 days to solve the problem. I, at least, know they are trying to help me. This morning I received a letter from the service department asking how the lady did. I cannot remember her name. I wrote a reply. The form did not come through, so I E-mailed them telling of my frustration. I WAS ASTOUNDED. WHEN I TRIED TO MAIL THE "REPLY" A MESSAGE CAME UP. "ERROR" "THIS DEPARTMENT WAS NO LONGER ACCEPTING ANY MAIL FROM YOUR ADDRESS." NOW I AM MAD ALL OVER AGAIN. WHAT KIND OF GAMES IS AOL PLAYING? I THOUGHT YOU WANTED TO KEEP YOUR CUSTOMERS. WHY SHOULD WE HAVE TO PUT UP WITH HASSLING WHEN THERE ARE SO MANY OTHER SERVERS.

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eb1cf32c, 2009-02-16, 09:07PM CST

Please be advised that I've been blocked from receiving nor able to send emails. I've been a member of AOL since 1994. I'd like to be able to retreive documents & other reelated data. I have a home business & would very much like to utilize this site account.

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