AOL - AOL - account placed on notice for three violations concerning Builk e-mail - unhappy with treatment

Posted on Monday, July 8th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by eaa3c981

Company: AOL

Category: Internet Services

Our account has been placed on notice because of three violation concerning Bulk email, for each of these violations my explanation was the following:

I have been reporting spam/junk mail to various addresses (17 to be exact) as well as notifying AOL and AOL members that if they did not send me the mail their account may have been compromised. When I asked to speak to his immediate supervisor he told me keyword - Steve Case and refused any more information only that his name was Steve and he did not have to give me his full name.

As opposed to Steve's comment some people like to receive spam/junk mail, I do not and can not understand how a person who reports spam/junk mail can be penalized but the senders keep on sending? Now What if someone was emailing information to family members, immediate and extended?

I do not think you really are sloving any problem here by disallowing AOL members from this kind of email or any other type of informative non-spam/junk email.

To be accused of something regardless of your explaination is wrong, are things not documented or just what your server data states is truth? The options given as an AOL member to stop spam/junk mail from coming in to our mail box does not always work and is an inconveince.

There should be a better way to put a hault to spam/junk mail. Needless to say your representative today has given me some thoughts to consider on how AOL treats its customers/members. Dennis. I noticed AOL does not have a Customer Service Complaint Department


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