The House of Fraser department store, Oxford Street - watch with fault clasp - trouble getting fixed

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Company: The House of Fraser department store, Oxford Street - watch with fault clasp - trouble getting fixed

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RE: The House of Fraser department store, Oxford Street - watch with fault clasp - trouble getting fixed

I wish to complain about the service I have received from The House of Fraser department store. I was bought a watch (I was present at the time) from the oxford street store which was found to have a faulty clasp and strap when it was taken to have links removed in King's Lynn.

I have since asked for a replacement from the same store and explained that I live far away and that I would appreciate assistance as the watch was bought as a 21st birthday present.

I was told they do not have a replacement and that they have no facility to check if another watch is available in the country. They then said they were unable to order a replacement and could not send this to me unless I open an account with them. This seems to be a form of bribery to me as I do not wish to have any contact with the store following this incident. I asked that the lady I spoke to called all the other stores to find out if they have a replacement, which she said she would do and call back.

I received no call and had to call her, when she fobbed me off. I suggested I take the watch to them and they send it for repairs. They said I would have to come back to pick the watch up as they again refuse to send one to me. I suggested I take it to the Cambridge branch, thinking that there was one, and the lady agreed. There is no Cambridge branch and however I was told that would all be fine and they would be able to help me.

The watch was bought on the 15th June and I feel I am running out of time as now I have to travel to Leicester to try to find a replacement,and travel back to collect it! I work within a customer service department as a complaints handler and know that a) they have a legal requirement to replace my watch and b) this is not the way to treat a customer.

I feel I am now facing a brick wall so tomorrow will be travelling to Cambridge to the French Connection store (the make of the watch) to try (probably in vain) to get the to replace the watch.

I realise that this is a minor complaint compared to some situations however the watch is of great sentimental value to me and I am having to run round half the country to replace it when this is not my responsibility.

Yours sincerely

Jenny Bray


King's Lynn

PE32 1XA

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88fe9120, 2008-09-13, 04:41PM CDT

Hello there Jenny, my name is Sarah. I am currently a employee for House of Fraser Bournemouth branch on Customer Services. I'm sorry to hear about your situation and hopefully I can clear a few things up for you.

First of all you mentioned the store told you there were no means of finding another store in the country that could find you a replacement watch- this is false. All till/cash points in EVERY HOF store have a function built into the system called 'Mate' this function allows you to search the product and shows you the stores that stock it and how many products it stocks at that time. Second you mentioned the lady that served you only allowed you a return if you opened an account with HOF - this I'm afraid is bribery, your status as a HOF cardholder or not should by no means affect your statuary rights as a customer.

My suggestion to you is to return back to the original store- speak to a manager -explain your frustration and situation. The store should be able to fill out a product faulty/damage form (given your product is still within the 28 day limit) and send off your watch for repair, then you can either wait to recieve the watch again or exchange the watch there and then for a new one. However, if your 28 day mark has passed and your watch is under a guarantee then read the manufacturers instructions on claiming the warantee. If this is the case- still go back to the store anyway and explain the whole situation to a manager or supervisor they should be leaniant towards your situation.

Hopefully I have helped and now you know what should be going on you will be more aware on the procedures in store and feel more comfortable in seeing that your situation is dealt with properly.

Yours Sincerely

Sarah Branett

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