1997 Ford Explorer - ABS repair at Keating Ford, Stratford, CT - can running fine until service was done

Posted on Saturday, July 6th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by ffde5c9d

Company: 1997 Ford Explorer - ABS repair at Keating Ford, Stratford, CT - can running fine until service was done

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RE: 1997 Ford Explorer - ABS repair at Keating Ford, Stratford, CT - can running fine until service was done

I have a 1997 Ford Explorer that we bought new and have taken excellent care of. It only had 14,000 miles on it at the end of May 2002 when we took it to the dealer, Keating Ford of Stratford CT for service because the ABS light was going. Other than the light going on, the car was running fine. We were informed we needed a brake job, and they did it. We picked the car up the next day, May 30, 2002.

Driving home from Keating Ford, at every stop, the car was now shaking. It was shaking when we were stopped using the brakes, not when the car was put in park. We brought the car back the following week on June 6, 2002. We were told the motor needed to be rebuilt because of a carbon buildup. We were assured that the car would be running better than new.

I complained to Ford Motor Comapny, but they just don't care, they told me to deal with Keating Ford. When I bought this car I was told Ford Motors go 100,000 miles before it even needed a tuneup!

Anyway, Keating Ford had my car from June 6-June 21. They put almost 800 miles on it, they told me it was fixed on the 21st. I went to pick it up, I paid for the reapairs and as I was leaving, I was then informed that the car was still shaking AND the ABS light was still going on.

When hooked up to diagnostics, it showed the 5th cylinder was losing power and the front left sensor of the ABS was weak. I was furious they didn't tell me any of this until AFTER they took my payment of over $2,100.00.

I called Ford Motor Co. again to complain, but they basically told me I was on my own. They would do NOTHING to help me with thier "blue oval cert9ified dealer" and nothing to help me get my car fixed. As of today, July 4, 2002, the car is now shaking worse than when we brought it back, before they even rebuilt the motor.

I am so upset, we have spent over $3,300.00 because the ABS light was on and after they worked on the brakes the car was shaking, and the ABS light goes on more frequently now, and the car shakes all the time. I am so disgusted with the way I have been treated by Ford Motor Co. and Keating Ford.

I will not bring my car back to Keating for service, as, in my opinion, they have destroyed my car, it never shook until they worked on the brakes, now they rebuilt the motor and it's even worse.

I want a refund so I can take the car elsewhere and have it fixed right, but all they are willing to do is look at the car again, which I don't want. I want to warn anyone I can about Ford's total disreagrd for their customers and Keating Fords inability to fix my car, in fact, their "repairs" made it worse than ever, and cost me thousands of dollars. The car was running fine until they worked on it! Sincerely, Mary L. Zmijewski


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