1995 Eagle Talon - 1995 Eagle Talon from Apak Auto Sales, Toronto, Ontario, Canada - purchased used - owned for 2 weeks and paid $ 2000 for repairs

Posted on Wednesday, July 31st, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by 95acd9df

Company: 1995 Eagle Talon

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I bought a 1995 Eagle Talon from a car dealer called Apak Auto Sales located at Birchmount and Danforth Road in Toronto Ontario. When I bought the car I was told it was in mint condition and only had 40,000 kilometres on it. I paid $10,995.00.

As soon as I got the car home, the ABS light came on. I took the car back and was told that the light was just a sensor because they had just changed the brakes and it would go out after a few weeks and that the ABS system was in working condition. So basically, they told me to ignore it! The next day I noticed a puddle under my car, there was red fluids and black fluids.

Once again I took the car back and they said "oh don't worry, it's just a gasket that is leaking" He said he would fix it the next day, but he also told me to stop calling him if anything else goes wrong with the car because it isn't his problem anymore.

I made the mistake of paying cash for the car and now that he is fully paid he doesn't care about anything!!!!! The next day I called to drop the car off for him to fix the leak and I was told that he wasn't there because he had to have a root canal done.

Now, wouldn't he have known the day before that he was having surgery the next day? Anyways, they gave me a warranty with the car and I called the warranty place and they said "Oh sorry, we can only help you if your engine blows up."

I went to my nearest mechanic and I was told that the entire ABS system needed to be replaced and they told me that the head gasket was blown. It would cost me $1500.00 to fix the problems. Now you tell me, does that sound like a car that is in mint condition?

I'm almost positive now that they rolled back the kilometres as well. How many cars do you know that are 8 years old and only have 40kms? Man, did I ever get screwed! I haven't even had the car for two months and I have already put $2000 into it!!! Please email me if there is anyway you can help me.


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