Harris Bank Barrington - Harris Bank Barrington, N.A - Married Women cannot get a car loan on their own through Harris bank

Posted on Thursday, July 4th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by 2ad62c6c

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Harris Bank Barrington, N.A. may have the lowest rates but their "policies" for requiring "married people" to both be on the loan and title - really do a number on us "working women" that deserve our own credit - and the ownership of our OWN vehicles!

Thanks Harris for putting us back a couple decades in the advancement of "women's rights!"

In every business there is always SOMEONE - who is way late in retiring - and just NOT up to speed - Leutheuser Motors in Hillsdale Michigan sure has one in their "lending officer" -

Hey the salesperson - Mr. White was GREAT! We were astounded by the quality of vehicle we could get - by the care and detail the salesperson went through - he really knew his product. Most importantly, he listened to what we - specifically I wanted... It was not long and I had exactly what I was looking for!! He even "sold" us on what he confirmed was a great rate for the car loan....

He was detailed and careful in filling out all the information - pleasantly asking If I was to be on the title alone - Wow - what a with it individual - yes! I was putting My money down - I'd be making the payments... My husband was along - and Mr. White took down details for the car loan on him as well - we thought oh well - many "lenders" allow for co-signers and etc. Just because he is on the loan - it will still be my car - My husband even asked the sales person this - he said sure she can be on the title even if you also are on the loan - you do not need to be on the title too.

A few days later we picked up the vehicle there were scores of papers to sign - more for me than for my husband. Gave over my downpayment money and drove away in a lovely new vehicle...... Two weeks later we come home from vacation to find it is NOT just MY vehicle - they put my husband on the title too!! Seems the ancient "lending officer" thinks it is a bit too unconventional for a married woman to own a vehicle on her own... When faced with the error - he says - well oh no the LENDER doesn't allow you to be on the title alone - especially when your husband is on the loan....

I tell him that odd - that wasn't what the salesman told us.... He says he'll check into it... FOUR days later he calls back and says - yes - you cannot be the sole owner listed on the title - that bank (ladies it is Harris Band Barrington NA) won't allow it - and they will not qualify you alone - besides you already have the vehicle and the loan..... Either this dinosaur's mindset got in the way of his business sense - or he just geoes about making decisions "for the best" of people he doesn't even know - WHEN he knew the bank would have to have my husband on the title - he should have TOLD us - especially considering our request... We think he probably thought it would "kill the deal' - hey dishonesty is killing any future dealings we'll ever have with Leutheuser Motors (at least until this gentleman retires).

If being on the title ALONE meant a differing lender - or that I would need more money down to qualify - then IT should have been mentioned.... way before we ever get some title in the mail!

So, beware ask Mr. Shultz LOTS of questions if you are dealing with the Leutheser Motors - be sure this "older gentlemen" knows who is paying for what and how you want it ladies - cause he is about a "out of date" as they come!

So - no apology From Mr. Shultz either (after his 4 days of "research") - not even - oops I did make an assumption - didn't know it would matter that much to you folks - only "Well, if you are not happy you can just pay off the vehicle and put it in you name" - Or get some financing at a higher rate? as they say Mr. Shultz - DAH - why'd I get a car loan?? OOPS I mean we - husband and wife! -

Beware ladies = Mr. Shultz doesn't seem to think a married woman might want to buy a car on her own (with her own savings and income), it might be better to "arrange' things - than to ask her if she'd consider putting more money down - or going to a differing lender..

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cbbc0853, 2008-12-29, 07:39PM CST

no complaints-just wondering why I haven't received my title for my car. I paid it off Nov. 21, 2008 and still haven't received it

my account # WAS 9901154784

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