1997 Honda Civic - trouble with car repairs

Posted on Thursday, July 4th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by f3fddab2

Company: 1997 Honda Civic - trouble with car repairs

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RE: 1997 Honda Civic - trouble with car repairs

Now that the car has five years of usage and the manufacturer's warranty is scheduled to expire in August 2002, the vehicle appears to develope more technical unexplained malfunctions. How coincindental. I took my car in for service and paid the dealer at Winward Honda for the service fee.

Two months later after moving to Texas, the vehicle now has the same problem. I took the car to the local Honda dealer, Cleo Bay Honda, with the receipt. Although the service person had to order the same part and analyzed the same problem, he wants to charge over 200.00 dollars in diagnostic fees. What a scam. When I declined the service. He returned the car without the special ordered part. Later that day I also realized a fuse related to the electrical system was missing. Later the serviceman explained that he needed to install another part that was covered by the warranty, but I would have to pay for the labor and diagnostic check. I am furious with this particular serviceman.


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