Pontiac Grand Am GT1 - vibrations, braking problems, poor service

Posted on Tuesday, July 30th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by 13289c67

Company: Pontiac Grand Am GT1 - vibrations, braking problems, poor service

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RE: Pontiac Grand Am GT1 - vibrations, braking problems, poor service

I have had a vibration in the steering wheel and upon braking along with a terrible grinding noise when raining or when wet since purchasing my 2001 Grand Am GT1. (It was brand new when purchased) Several service trips have been made to the Tom Wood Pontiac/Mazda/GM Dealership Service Department, Indianapolis, In. with a few resulting in me being told they could not locate a vibration or the grinding noise. My Grand Am now has had 3 sets of rotors and pads along with numerous machining of the rotors, numerous alignments, new right HUB and being told it was a tire problem and replacing the tires at a cost to me. Finally, I contacted Pontiac Headquarters and the GM Executive Office. I also sent complaint letters to Mr. Tom Wood, Tom Wood Pontiac/Mazda/GMC, Pontiac and General Motors. A Pontiac Regional Representative drove my vehicle and did feel the vibration, just another remedy, the third set of rotors and pads with a brake booster being added. For now the vibration is gone. I have no doubt that within another 6000 to 12000 miles I'll be right back in service department with the same problem. I had decided to trade the vehicle in. I drive 3000 to 4000 miles a month and a trip into service every other month for brake work or being told they cannot locate a problem and then putting up with the annoyance of the vibration and the concerns of possible unsafe factors involved with my 2001 Grand Am GT1. This process has become way too time consuming and the loss of my business profit is no longer acceptable. Not too mention the cost of a rental vehicle to me on a couple of occasions. The vibration and rotor problem is well documented throughout the internet, several Grand Am owners have the same complaints and are only being given temporary remedies. The National Highway Traffic Safety Association has also received complaints and are looking into the problem. Type www.NHTSA.com into your search engine, To locate other Grand Am Owner complaints, type in Pontiac Grand Am, there are several sites of complaints. (please check back with this site in the near future as I hope to have web links to the sites of complaints. I was amazed that Pontiac/General Motors have been receiving complaints about this problem since 1999. And there is no fix available apparently.

The Pontiac Rep told me the pads I had would make a grinding noise, it's only an annoyance not a safety problem. Although it sounds like the front end is coming apart and at quick stopping the vibration can at times be difficult to control. He stated if they changed to a different type of pad, I would have other complaints. Interesting and apparent to me, they are not able to design compatible rotors/pads for the design of the Grand Am. I contacted Mr. Ryan Bland, GM BuyPower Manager for Tom Wood Pontiac/Mazda/GMC, Indianapolis, IN through Tom Wood's website and the GM BuyPower site. I wanted to trade in my Grand Am GT1 for a Trans AM, asked Mr. Bland to speak with Mr. Don Frick, Tom Wood Service Manager, Brian, the Pontiac Regional Representative regarding the history of my Grand Am and told him the vehicle was in his service dept at that time and to please appraise it while it was there and to let me know what they could do to get me into the Trans AM.

I did understand that I was upside down, but if my vehicle could permanently be repaired I would not be trading it in. I had purchased the 100,000 mile extended warranty, due to the fact of the mileage I drive and that I had planned on keeping the vehicle approximately 4 years. Tom Wood has profited by the vehicle being in their Service Department to complete the routine maintenance. I received an email from Mr. Bland stating he did not look at my vehicle while it was there although it was there for 2.5 days. And the used car manager wanted to appraise the vehicle. I arrived at Tom Wood Pontiac spoke with Mr. Bland he took my keys and said he would have the vehicle appraised. I have had the vehicle 21 months and it does have 68000 miles on it, it has been maintained according to Pontiac recommendations within Tom Wood's Service Department.

The Grand Am has new tires, new brake system, new filters, recently had the oil changed, the transmission serviced, fuel injection system cleaned, alignment and rotation. Along with aftermarket tinted windows and a Pontiac front end cover. And the exterior and interior are in excellent condition. Mr. Bland informed me they would give me $10,000.00 for my vehicle and I would need $10,000.00 down for the Trans Am.

2001 PER THE NADA GUIDE @ http://www.nadaguides.com/Values/

Shows the values below


Body Style: Coupe 2 Door GT

Model Number: NV1/NW1

Weight: 3,091

Average Trade-in: $11,900

Average Retail: $14,075 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reported Mileage: 68,000

Deduct $1,575 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Optional Equipment

Aluminum/Alloy Wheels: $250

Compact Disc Player (Std. GT): $125

Leather Seats: $400

Power Seat: $175

Power Sunroof: $675

Theft Recovery System: $100 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Totals

Total Average Trade-in: $12,050

(*)Total Average Retail: $14,225

Apparently, Mr. Tom Wood nor Tom Wood Pontiac Representatives have any desire to satisfy my complaints. The balance on the Grand Am is $21,400.00 and when I met with the Regional Rep we approached the fact that I would trade out but knew I would be upside down. I thought at some point Tom Wood would be willing to also take a cut, that definitely wasn't the case. Mr. Bland did mention after I asked for my keys that he might get him up to $12,300.00 for my vehicle, this is still unacceptable especially with a Trans Am window sticker at $32,665.00 and a $3,000.00 rebate that Mr. Bland failed to mention at all. I would like to think this is a practice generally used at Tom Wood Pontiac/Mazda/GMC. And not the fact that I am a woman. Nor was it that he trying to insult my intelligence. Tom Wood Pontiac/Mazda/GMC has made a profit when I purchased my Grand Am. They still apparently want to receive full commission on the sale of the Trans Am and of course they will again make a profit on the resale of the Grand Am GT. Returning customers especially returning complaining customers as myself do not seem to matter. Mr. Tom Wood has a local tv commercial running at present where he states If it's got my name on it, it's got my word.I have written to Mr. Wood personally I have never received a reply from him nor from anyone inside his office. So I'm wondering what is his "word"? After this website was published and Mr. Bland started receiving emails, I did receive three emails from him stating the Management of Tom Wood Pontiac/Mazda/GMC would like to speak with me. I sent an email to Mr. Bland asking him to please tell his management staff that I wanted a bottom dollar figure before I would again return to their dealership, as I have already wasted way too many hours there as it was.

Mr. Bland then emailed me again stating they needed additional info regarding the purchase of the Grand Am, this info was emailed to him on Saturday, 7/20/02 which was the same day he requested. To date I HAVE HEARD NOTHING MORE FROM A TOM WOOD PONTIAC/MAZDA/GMC Representative in regard to the purchase price of the Trans Am or the trade-in value of my 2001 Grand Am GT..

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f6182dce, 2008-01-31, 08:09PM CST

The vibration when braking in wet conditions is the Anti-Brake Lock(ABS). it keeps the wheel spinning and the same speed, and unfortuanatly it causes "horribly grinding sounds"

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