Motel 6, on I-35, San Marcos, TX - no shampoo and no alarm clock provided in room

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Company: Motel 6, on I-35, San Marcos, TX - no shampoo and no alarm clock provided in room

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RE: Motel 6, on I-35, San Marcos, TX - no shampoo and no alarm clock provided in room

This complaint is concerning the Motel 6 on I-35 in San Marcos, TX. I was in town for New Student Orientation at Southwest Texas State University which began at 7 A.M. the next morning. Upon arriving in the room, I noticed that there was motel 6 soap, but no shampoo. I assumed they just forgot to put it in the room, no big deal. Then I looked to see what time it was and was surprised to see there was no alarm clock in the room! Perhaps they forgot to replace it after someone stole it.

I'll just ask the front desk for a replacement when I have to ask for shampoo. So I went downstairs to the office. After a bit of listening to the deskclerk shout in the back office about something he came out with a "what do you want and why are you bothering me" look. I've been a hotel night audit clerk for 3 years and a smile on your face and a pleasent demeaner is #1 when it comes to dealing with hotel guests. But what the heck, it's motel 6. No big deal.

So i proceed to tell him there is no shampoo in the room. Before I could completely finish the sentence he pointed to a vending machine and said "Um, I think...Yeah, yeah there is (like it was my fault for not looking). Um, theres shampoo in that vending machine over there for $1.50". I told him I thought motel 6 provided shampoo and he just responded with "Nope, Sorry we don't put shampoo in the rooms." I asked when motel 6 implemented that cheap policy? He just said he didn't know and stood there. So I went on to my next problem since this one was obviously not going to be solved. I proceeded to tell him I had no alarm clock in the room.

He looked at me like I was retarded and said "Nope, Sorry we don't put alarm clocks in the room." Then proceeded to stare at me. ???? No shampoo NOW no alarm clock? Whats next, no toilet paper? So since he didn't bother to offer I asked if I could AT LEAST get a friggin wake up call! It's not like I'm asking them to give me sharks with friggin lasers on their heads here! Being a hotel clerk I KNOW not to rely on these wake up calls due to various system failures, lazy clerks, failure to doublecheck the calls etc, too much can go wrong, but I had NO OPTION here!

So he kind of huffed a bit and said sure what time? i proceeded to tell him 6:00 and another one at 6:10 just to be sure since it was so important for me to get to orientation on time. Well, I should have known that would be too much for motel 6 to handle. The clerk responded by saying "I'm sorry, we can only give 1 wake up call. The system won't allow 2." Thats odd, it appeared he was using the exact same system as I use at the hotel I work at, and 2 is no problem. I think the real reason was he just did not know HOW to program 2 wakeup calls, so the old "The system won't allow it" routine was used. FINE! I told him to just make it for 6:00 and I will use the alarmclock on my cell phone and watch to wake me up which isn't very loud. But I told him to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure the phone rings no later than 6:00 A.M.

He assured me it wouldn't. Luckily I knew not to rely on that system, I feel sorry for those that actually trust the wakeup call system. So with all that squared away (if you want to call it that), the clerk was eagerly trying to slink back into the backroom so I let him go and headed towards the local Target to get some Shampoo! Before I left I decided to put the "do not distub sign" on the door so the maids would have no excuse to come barging in while I was gone looking through my belongings with the excuse of "oh, we didn't know we had already cleaned this room". Surprise Surprise!

Apparently, "Nope, Sorry we don't put Do not disturb signs in the room" either. I wasn't going to listen to that excuse again so I just let that one go and took anything expensive with me! The light in the bathroom also kept going on and off like it was getting too hot, but at this point I am beginning to believe it was another attempt by motel 6 to save a few cents! I finally got to sleep after hearing people screaming, and running up and down the stairs outside my window (who knows what time it was, I HAD NO CLOCK!) For all I know someone was being murdered, but a place that doesn't provide shampoo I'm sure doesn't provide security either! Next, after not hearing my cellphone alarm or watch alarm because the roaring of the A/C unit (on low,. I get a wakeup call promptly at 6:30 A.M.!!!!! Not 6 as promised, 6:30! B

ut of course I didn't know this until I stretched and woke up a little and looked at my watch (Becasue I had no clock!). I then had to rush into the shower with the light going on and off and attempt to get out of there and to the school all in 30 mins thanks to the incompetence of the deskstaff and their policy of "no clocks in the room". They did have the cheapest rates in town at 55 bucks after taxes, compared to around 90 dollars for any other hotel/motel in the area, so I guess you get what you pay for.

However, the sheets were clean, and the air worked so i guess in this day and age you should be happy with just getting that. I USED to be an avid fan of Motel 6. I've always enjoyed having shampoo (even though it was cheap, it worked) and a friggin alarm clock (cheap, but again worked). How much money could Motel 6 actually be saving on not giving out Shampoo and not providing you with an alarm clock? I understand theft is a problem with the alarm clocks, I work in a hotel, but you deal with it by having housekeeping take inventory everyday and charging the people that steal them, not punishing the honest folk by not letting them have the alarm clocks.

That policy works for our hotel why not Motel 6? And shampoo?? The 5 cents you pay for that little bottle of shampoo isn't worth it to you guys to keep your customers happy? 5 CENTS! i travel quite a bit, and used to stay in motel 6. If this is the way your company is going to cut it's costs, i think you should advertise these facts so we will know to bring the supplies that are normally provided by any respectable Inn. If your going to screw the guest why stop with clocks and shampoo, make the guests bring their own toilet paper, pillows, cups, towels and washclothes.

You could save even more! No need to do anything halfway motel 6! Well, $50 bucks/stay buys a lot of shampoo. I stay in motels around 12 - 15 times a year. Thats $750.00 worth of shampoo your company just lost from this traveler. That would have paid for the shampoo for the entire motel for 1/2 the year. I'm not looking for any kind of compensation, I just want you guys aware of the problems with customer service. I also want you to realize that us "little people" are fed up with the little things you keep taking away while raising the price! You may be leaning us over little by little, but the fact still remains YOUR BENDING US OVER! And we are sick of it.

I would NOT be surprised if the next motel 6 ad I hear says "AND DON'T FORGET to bring your own toilet paper, bedsheets, washclothes, towels, shampoo, soap, shower curtain, lightbulbs, cups, ice buckets (ice is ONLY 50 cents a bucket from the machine), clock, and lets not forget your own do not distub sign! Enjoy your stay at the new and imporved motel 6!"

Fed up,



c458eec9, 2008-11-12, 10:04AM CST

Who travels without their own shampoo and a travel alarm clock..duh!!

17eed59d, 2010-07-26, 08:48PM CDT

The last two Motel 6's I've stayed at had shampoo and a refrigerator. I'm at a different one and there's no shampoo here. I booked this place for 2 weeks not knowing that this would be the case. I was counting on the fridge because I'm living here until I can find an apartment, and I haven't been able to wash my hair in 3 days. Gross.

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