AOL - AOL DSL by VERIZON - problems from day one - unable to fix operating problems

Posted on Sunday, July 28th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by 9bb8db0e

Company: AOL

Category: Internet Services

There are long delays in loading pages once a link has been clicked on. These delays range from 20 seconds to almost a minute, and sometimes it even times out. This delay negates a significant part of the advantage of "high speed" service.

Nothing that has been recommended by the AOL service techs has affected any improvement of the problem. I have contacted AOL High Speed Service approx. five times and have worked with the techs each time, but the problem persists. I even had one guy visit my home and conclude that the modem I was using was the problem.

The new DSL modem I received didn't change anything. The service personnel at AOL have always been nice polite people, but ineffective in solving the problem. If they hadn't repeatedly waived the monthly fee for the DSL, I would have canceled long ago.

The $50/month total charge is way too much to pay for this service. In spite of the claims, AOL DSL supplied by VERIZON is not an "instant on" connection. With the operating glitches, the service is only worth $10 above the normal AOL over the phone modem price, and that's only because this service does significantly speed up file downloads. If you want to download a lot of files this service may work for you if cable is unavailable.

I have used a family member's cable modem connection and there was no contest between my DSL service and the cable service. The cable service won hands down. It was truly an "instant on" connection and operated much faster than my AOL DSL supplied by VERIZON.

VERIZON is now offering their own DSL service in my area, but because they are the same company supplying the over the phone line DSL service for my AOL DSL, I won't bother trying them. I personally think that the real cause of the problem I'm experiencing is on the VERIZON's end. They just haven't invested enough in the system infrastructure/hardware for the DSL to operate properly.

The type of glitch I'm experiencing is pretty widespread. It was quite easy to find this site and read that indeed there are others that are experiencing the very same problem. I guess the most irritating part of this experience is that AOL obviously knows there is a system level problem, and yet they waste my time recommending technical solutions that do not address the real problem.

I canceled the AOL DSL supplied by VERIZON today. It will take a full disclosure of the problems with the system by these two companies and a lot of persuading to get me to give this service a second chance. I'm considering quitting AOL completely, the only thing holding me back is having to change my email address.


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