Home Depot - Home Depot, store in Canada - paid $ 18.21 Canadian for box of Glad garbage bags - same bag costs $ 11.69 from SuperValue

Posted on Saturday, July 27th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by 05f18d49

Company: Home Depot

Category: Stores, Shopping

Recently, whilst in a Home Depot store my wife and I purchased a box of 50 large sized orange colored Glad garbage bags. For this box we paid $18.21 Canadian including all taxes. The following day whilst in a grocery store, SuperValue, (which is situated next door to the Home Depot) we bought the identical product regularly priced at $11.69 Canadian including all taxes. This is a price difference of $6.52 or almost 36%.

Home Depot advertises in very large signage on the front of its' stores that they will not be undersold and, indeed, offer a guarantee of price matching plus an additional 10% discount. We did not intend to take the product back, simply to take them up on their price match offer and keep the bags for later use. Accordingly we took in the bags we had bought from Home Depot (as yet unopened) along with the two invoices as proof of the price difference.

Home Depot refused to comply with their advertised guarantee saying that "as the SKU numbers used by SuperValue are different from their own they had no proof that the products were identical".

The employee insisted that I would have to take both boxes of bags in so that they could have acceptable proof. She had no answer when I asked if that would have been the case had the item been larger and possibly of an immoveable nature once delivered. Home Depots integrity fell to minus 40 that day so far as I am concerned.

Apparently my integrity is greater than that of the Home Depot as I subsequently purchased some other materials at the same store and, upon being undercharged by the cashier to the tune of $113 Canadian, I pointed out the error and paid the difference.

However, on the same day that my integrity was impugned by the returns clerk (is anybodys' integrity worth so little?) I went to another store and bought over $1000 of building materials that I would have bought at Home Depot. When stores pay such large amounts in advertising dollars and promotions to attract customers does it make sense to alienate them for so little?

Apparently it does to the Home Depot. But now, instead of automatically going to one of their stores to buy product, I let my fingers do the walking and shop around first. And if the idiot Supervisor who refused to accept my word when I also provided receipts as proof were in my employ.....she would be looking for another job. She has already cost the company many hundreds of dollars and will, I am sure, cost them many more.


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