AOL - Verizon - free trial of Verizon-AOL DSL meant conversion from fiber to copper and service interruption

Posted on Friday, July 26th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by a66de67a

Company: AOL

Category: Internet Services

An on-time bill payer, I found myself suddenly without phone service from June 19th until July 12th . As a self-employed freelance reporter/researcher who works from home, my livelihood depends on my phone line and internet access.

I scheduled at least 5 separate appointments with Verizon, and waited in vain for their repair people to arrive on three separate days, without the means to perform my work. (On two of these days, I was lied to by Verizon customer service reps, who insisted repairmen had come by, but that I wasn't home. In fact, I left my apartment only twice to cross the street to a payphone to call Verizon, and all the while could have seen a repair person arrive. No one came by.) Finally, week three, after postponing the start date of a part-time job, I called Verizon and threatened to sue. This was Monday July 8th after a third 8-hour day waiting for repair people who never came. They finally sent someone Tuesday July 9th, when I was at my new job. The repair person managed to uncover the problem without access to my apartment. The problem, he said, was that I signed up for a "free trial" of Verizon-AOL DSL, for one month, and in order to make it work, they needed to convert my line from a fiber optic to a copper installation. If a repair person had come the first day my service was interrupted, rather than the 20th day, they would have learned this. I never needed to be home for them to fix this problem. After returning to "finish the job," again without me needing to be home, service was returned to me Friday July 12th -- a full 3 weeks after it was disrupted. On July 2nd, during the second week of my calls to Verizon, a service person did say she believed that my DSL order was the problem, but apparently did not submit any order or send a repair person to fix the problem. (I know this because on July 11th, when I asked the man supervising my repair, Clyde Campbell, why it took so long, he said "the first time we were aware of the problem was two days ago." During this ordeal, I also attempted to switch local phone service to AT&T, and scheduled an appointment for July 5th. At noon on July 5th, AT&T informed me that they were unable to schedule an appointment with Verizon in order to switch my service, and I would have to wait two more weeks.


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