UPS - nightmare experience with shipment from Fayetteville, NC to Orlando, FL - rude service

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Company: UPS - nightmare experience with shipment from Fayetteville, NC to Orlando, FL - rude service

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RE: UPS - nightmare experience with shipment from Fayetteville, NC to Orlando, FL - rude service

I have had a major problem with United Parcel Service.

On January 17th my husband and I left Fayetteville, NC for Orlando, Florida to visit our daughter, Jennifer, her husband, and son and our son Aaron. Upon arriving the morning of January 18th, I realized that I had left my pocketbook containing my driver's license, credit card, bank card and money, along with my decongestant that I had just picked up at the pharmacy, at home.

I immediately called my daughter, Michelle Scott, who lives in Fayetteville, NC to ask her to go to my house, get the things I needed and send them overnight to my daughter's house in Poinciana. After going to UPS on Black & Decker Road in Fayetteville, NC and having the driver's license, etc. and bottle of medicine wrapped by a UPS employee, Michelle paid $35.00 to have the package sent overnight.

Knowing we wouldn't be at my daughter's house at the time the package was to be delivered on Saturday, January 19th, (between 1:00 and 4:00 p.m.), Michelle had it delivered to her dad's house (Donald Manges) in Poinciana. When the package hadn't arrived at his house by 4:00 he called UPS, gave them the tracking number and was told that the package was in Orlando, but was delayed due to weather and would not arrive until Monday, (There was NO weather to delay this) January 21st.

He asked if he could go to Orlando and pick it up and was told he couldn't. My daughter, Jennifer, called twice on Saturday, once being told the package was delayed due to weather and was in Pensacola and secondly talking to a David and being told the package was in Orlando and he would send an urgent message stating the package was carrying medicine. Be he could not get it to me until Monday. He also said that my daughter Michelle would get the $35.00 refunded to her. Jennifer called on Sunday, January 20th and spoke to a Michael and he said the package would be delivered on Monday and he could not promise the money would be refunded.

He said he had no idea who David was. On Monday, January 21st, Jennifer called UPS Headquarters in Atlanta and got Elaine Jordan, an unpleasant, rude customer service representative. Jennifer told her the package contained medicine that I needed and she told Jennifer if I needed it that bad she should call 911. Jennifer told her she worked for Disney and representatives never treated customers as she was doing. She responded, "Honey, this is the real world".

She would NOT listen and kept talking over Jennifer and telling her there was nothing she could do. Jennifer asked so speak to someone else and she said there was no one else to speak to. When Jennifer asked for her name, she told her she'd better get a pen and paper because she was only going to tell her once. She did advise Jennifer that she would send the $35.00 back to Michelle Scott and was given her address.

She accused Jennifer of using bad language, which Jennifer did not. Then she proceeded to hang up on Jennifer. Jennifer caller her right back and was told to call back at 9:30 a.m. and speak to someone else. Then she hung up on Jennifer again.

On Monday, January 21st, we called UPS and they said the package would be delivered to Donald Manges's house but that they would try to contact the driver and have it rerouted to Jennifer's address but there were no guarantees. Jennifer and I went to wait for the driver and when he got there he did not have the package.

Jennifer called and spoke to a Tyette and she said the package was rerouted to Jennifer's address and they had made an attempt and nobody was there. Jennifer told her that was impossible because someone WAS there. Then she said it had an ineligible address and could not be delivered. She was very nice and said she would have someone from the Orlando office contact Jennifer. Melanie Hawkins called Jennifer from the Orlando office and advised her they were trying to track the driver down and get the package to me and she would call back.

She later called and said the driver did have the package but it was leaking. She said he would either deliver it to the house after 5:00p.m. that day or we could meet him at the Hunger Shop in Poinciana at 3:00 p.m. where he would be taking his lunch. We went to the shop and he was there with the package. The box had a big hole in it where evidently something had fallen on it and my bottle of Hydrotussin syrup had leaked all over the box, including my checkbook, etc. The driver said it had gotten all over his other packages. We have contacted UPS so many times to complain about Elaine Jordan and to get the $35.00 returned to Michelle.

After weeks of phone calls, Michelle got her refund and I was sent a vase of flowers to apologize. I have yet to be refunded for the medicine, and the checkbook. But most importantly, we have not received an apology from Elaine Jordan. We e-mailed UPS and a Tom McCauley has tole ut to call him collect, which is impossible, because of the automated system. Maureen Sullivan Is the lady who has promised something would be done to Elaine Jordan and a written apology sent to myself, and my two daughters. UPS should never have the idiots working for them that they do.

We were cussed at, lied to, promised things we've never received, and totally treated like dirt. I will never use this service ever again. I want refunded the money for my prescription, checkbook and and apology to my daughters and myself from Elaine Jordan. Mrs. Shirley Gleason 2404 O'Hara Drive Raeford, NC 28376


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