2002 Chevy Venture from Liberty Chevrolet, the Bronx, NY - broken valve spring and seal

Posted on Wednesday, July 24th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by 7309682e

Company: 2002 Chevy Venture from Liberty Chevrolet, the Bronx, NY - broken valve spring and seal

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RE: 2002 Chevy Venture from Liberty Chevrolet, the Bronx, NY - broken valve spring and seal

To whom it may concern: My name is Candita Rosario, and on the 24th of JUNE 2002 I purchased a brand new 2002 Chevy Venture from Liberty Chevrolet located on 2541 East Tremont Avenue in the Bronx. On the 26th of June I went with my husband and picked up the vehicle after leaving a ten thousand-one hundred dollar deposit and my old car which was used as a trade in.

On the Saturday of the 29th of June my husband and I took the brand new car for a pleasure cruise to New Jersey. We had only reached thirty miles when we heard a noise coming from the engine just before it stalled in the middle of the highway. The car was then towed back to the dealer because the service shop was closed. The manager had the car put in the lot after giving us a very hard time stating that it was not his problem but Chevrolet's problem.

The servicemen picked up the car after my husband spent several hours calling and complaining about the foul treatment and service we were given. After they diagnosed the problem as a broken valve spring and seal, I was issued a rental car.

On the 2nd of july my car was given back to me after being told the problem was fixed and that the car was in perfect running order. On the 15th of July my husband and I tried to pick up where we had left of by driving back to New Jersey, convinced that the car was running fine. Several miles later, on Exit 53 of the Garden State Parkway the engine once again began to make a clanking noise just before it stalled again, leaving us stranded on the highway for a second time in less then a moth of its purchase.

The manager of the dealership was called immediately from my husband's cellular phone and was going the call us back after contacting road service. The call never came and my husband called road service himself and was told that they were not able to send us a tow truck but called a private service which I was forced to pay for out of my own pocket.

The car was towed to the nearest Chevrolet dealer which was Gardener Chevrolet on Mana Hawkin, N.J. We Had to take a taxi to take use to Atlantic City in order for us to take a bus going back to New York. On Monday the 17th of July the diagnosis on our brand new car was that the motor was not good.

We have made several calls to Chevrolet's customer service stating that we do not want the car back and wish that it be replaced with a brand new car. Today is the 22nd of July and still we have not received any finformation on our situation.

After a week of calling and complaining we have decide to post our complaints with consumer affairs because when we try to call to find out the status on our situation we are met with a brick wall. I wish to have a brand new car from Chevrolet as long as it is not the same car that has left us stranded twice in less than a month of its purchase. Please advise me on rights and to the action that can be taken against Liberty Chevrolet, hopefully something can be done with your help. Sincerely,

Candita Rosario


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