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Posted on Sunday, July 21st, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by 8c1cafea

Company: AOL

Category: Internet Services

l have been subscribed to AOL's service for the past two years. Not by choice but because my father doesn't feel like going through the hassle of canceling it and getting a new service. Now for the reasons behind my conclusion.

Our first account, which was created in April 2000 was deleted a year later out of nowhere. No warning of it. Just "boom" gone. So l decided to call AOL about it and they said, after a "10 minute wait"(really more like 45 minutes) that they don't know what happened and that they couldn't refund my money for the remainder of the month that was paid for. So l went through all the hassle to make a new account which l am still using and it's been hell ever since.

Three quarters of the time when l try to get on a web site it will "time out" or "the server is temporarily unavailable". Many times l do something illegal. What l don't know but that's what the pop-up message says and l have to sign back on. l think this is a clever attempt by AOL to kick you off so other people can sign on. l get, on average 70-80 junk mails a day.

This is annoying because when deleting them, l many times inadvertently delete something that isn't junk mail. l get about 10 instant messages an hour offering me subscriptions to web sites and the like. (l just got one now) l went to "AOL live help" to try and change this. lndeed "Paul" did give me tips on how to keep from getting them. They were not however without consequences. Should l have decided to use his tips l would not have been able to receive e-mails from people whom l want to get e-mail from i.e friends,family,etc...l still get them to this day and they still bug the hell out me.

About a month ago the password on my screen name registered invalid. So l signed on the master screen name and changed it. No avail. Still invalid. So l signed back on the master screen name and used the "AOL live help" service. Well like l said before l have a big problem with not being able to get on web sites. This was no exception. l couldn't get on my screen name 'til three days later when the site finally loaded. This is not what l call quality service. The quality service that's advertised on tv constantly. But what should be expected from a company that pollutes the world with their corporate advertising feces, that being their "free 1,000 hour cd's".

This isn't to say, however that AOL isn't for everybody.If you like paying 30+ dollars a month to be pissed off than by all means make this purchase. However if you're more the type that yearns for a quality service such as me. Avoid it at all costs. You will be disappointed and then some. Mr.AOL, if you see this. l don't like you. Probably never will. You're a smug unhappy little man and you treat people as if they were idiots. May you burn but not be consumed by the eternal flames of Heck. GOOD DAY!


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