Multimedia-design-solutions - Multimedia-design-solutions, represenatives in Vancouver, Canada - unhappy with A900 DeskNote notebook purchase

Posted on Saturday, July 20th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by 54a35e18

Company: Multimedia-design-solutions

Category: Internet Services

Within 1 week, the CMOS would give up the date and time requiring the user re-enter the date and time after boot. The reseller Multimedia-design-solutions representatives in Vancouver, first said ship the computer back Collect, then said pre-pay then agreed it could cost up to $500.00 to fireplace/fix the battery.

Resellers would receive the computer, take it ot their supplier, who in turn would ship it out for repairs. Reseller hides the name of the manufacturer, and suppliers.

System comes with a install CD BUT with no OS on it. OS is on hard drive.

Sound went altogether within two weeks. Support suggests reformatting the hard drive, buy a full install version of OS and figure out how to make CD wiork so you can install OS, reinstall sound driver from CD and hope that all that would make a fried sound work.

When you explain to the support department that the was no OS CD, they ignore the issue and send you back to your reseller for a battery!!

If you explain you doubt the battery killed the sound, that yopu don't have a full install of OS they point out that the time frame for a refund is past and to contact the reseller. The reseller, at this point, is usually away from their "desk" and don't answer voice mails.

In short - it's buyer beware, and I strongly suggest you beware of these guys and their shoddy computers.

The price is good, but you should spend your money on a laptop or notebook or whatever the trendy word is for them today.. Make sure it's not a A900 iBuddie, Phreaker, or Directron Eureka A900 DeskNote Notebook/Laptop. It goes under many names... same junk... same lousy service. Stick with brand name laptops.

Check their POLICY before you go near your wallet. Avoid Multimedia-Design-solutions, another reseller of this junk. Now, after the fact, their policy is clear,... no free support, no repairs, refunds or service unless you pay shipping both ways, service fees and a hefty repair fees.

In short, for me and the lemon-top sitting there looking pretty, Multimedia-Design-Solutions in Vancouver Canada, Ron and Carolyn, are laughing. They got their money, shipped junk, and their policy protects them from.

When buying, do some research. You're onm the net right? Well, look around. When you see something you like, read what others say. Remember- a salesman won't tell you what's wrong with the product, but a user will.


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