123ChecksOnLine - 123ChecksOnLine - ordered checks - nearly 6 weeks to receive ordered promised in 10-14 business days

Posted on Saturday, July 20th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by c0bf5b5a

Company: 123ChecksOnLine

Category: Online Shopping

for delivery with standard shipping. A month later, no checks.

I contested the charge on my credit card statement. I contacted them on June 11th,and they said "somehow it was not transfered over to the print department." They promised rush printing & delivery, and said "You should definitely have your checks by the end of the week." (June 14th) I did not receive my checks by the end of the week as promised, nor on Saturday nor the following Monday.

I emailed them the evening of June 17th, saying that "Based on my experiences to this point, I am not impressed with with your company, your processes or your service.

There's a saying in the Quality field that if you don't get it right the first time, get it really right the second time. I have not seen 123ChecksOnline get it right either the first time or the second time. I want my checks in my hand by Wednesday at the latest, and I would like not to be charged for this order that has gone so very wrong." I did not receive the checks the following Wednesday. I did finally receive them on June 22nd. And they contested my contesting of their charge, which my credit card company upheld because even though significantly late, I had ultimately received the checks. I will never never do business with this company again, and have passed that word on to many others. Nearly 6 weeks to receive what should have arrived in 10-14 business days, (per their site) is totally unacceptable, as are promises made but not kept.


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