2000 Daewoo Leganza - car timing belt broken - trouble getting repair

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Company: 2000 Daewoo Leganza - car timing belt broken - trouble getting repair

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RE: 2000 Daewoo Leganza - car timing belt broken - trouble getting repair


To: Consumer Affairs Department

From: Kattie A. Curley

Date: July 11, 2002

Subject: DAEWOO UNFAIRNESS I purchased a 2000 Daewoo Leganza in April of 2000 from Chuck Hutton Daewoo, located on Mendenhall and Mt. Moriah. As I was traveling to work on May 3, 2002 my car stopped on me in traffic at Carnes & Semmes. I contacted my mechanic to come and help me get my car off the streets, and upon his inspection under the hood, he informed me that the timing belt had broke. I had already passed the 36,000-mile mark and I didn't purchase extended warranty, therefore I didn't think they (Chuck Hutton) would repair it.

After my mechanic couldn't get to my car immediately, I spoke with a minister at my church (who works for another dealership) about repairs, and he informed me to read my manual very carefully. The manual stated that the timing belt is to be changed at 75,000 miles and my car is not at 75,000 miles which means Daewoo needs to fix my car. On May 13, 2002, I contacted Daewoo Customer Service Department in California @ 1-877-362-1234 and spoke with a young lady by the name of Lisa, and explained to her the situation

with my car.

Lisa informed me that my car was still under Power train Factory Warranty, which is 60,000 miles or 5 years, whichever comes first, and she expressed her apologies and told me to call Chuck Hutton here in Memphis and instruct them to have the car towed to them for repairs that are under warranty. I contacted Chuck Hutton Daewoo and spoke with Mr. Bill Roberts who informed me to bring the vehicle in. On May 17, 2002 I called to see if my car was ready, and Mr. Roberts informed I that my oil had not been changed at 47,000 miles.

I informed Mr. Roberts that he was incorrect and that I can provide proof that my oil was changed not at 47,000 miles but at 44,000 miles; and since (per Mr. Roberts) my oil was not changed I would have to pay for teardown and most likely be responsible for repairs which total $1700.00, and his reason for the belt breaking was because of "lack of lubrication to the engine". I am a single mother working only 37.5 hours for Shelby County Government (Juvenile Court), taking care of my mother, child that's in college and grandchildren. I am doing the best I can. I know an Auto repair shop that is willing to fix my car, but unable to get parts, because Daewoo has been sold (they are no longer making them) and the merger is incomplete, therefore parts are unavailable.

My car was taken to Smittys' Auto Repair located @ 821 S. Highland (I bought the timing belt) I informed them of the situation, and upon there inspection (after tearing my car down) they found that the

timing belt just broke, it was not because of a lack of lubrication or over lubrication, THE BELT JUST BROKE.

After repeatedly calling Daewoo Customer Service Department and speaking with a young man by the name of John @ 1-877-436-2872 ext 2269, he informed me that its not uncommon for a dealership to ask for money up front before they go in and tear down a vehicle to see what the actual problem is. I informed John, that doesn't make any sense. I've wasted time and money to have my car taken back and forth, just to be told, PAY UP FRONT!, and that my car is not under warranty.

I am very upset because this car is only 2 years old and still under Power train Factory Warranty and I can't get it repaired. Car dealerships are so unfair all they want is their money and forget about the true customers. I just can't afford to pay $1700.00 up front, and when they locate a problem they may still want money. SO UNFAIR! I want to trade it in, but I can't because its' not drivable.

I can't get it fixed by anyone because they can't get parts. My Uncle died, and I am presently driving his vehicle, and per the law in Tennessee you must have INSURANCE). I am paying insurance on two (2) cars, plus a $444.00 car note a month, and repairs to my Uncle's car (brakes went outs. I don't have a money tree in my back yard. HELP! Please help me, at least to understand my unfair situation. I don't know anything else to do. If I take them to small claims court, that will cost money, because I will have to hire an attorney.

To add injury to insult or disgust (whatever you may call it) I called Smittys' Auto Repair on Monday 7/8/02, to tell them that I would be picking up my car, and I was informed by Ms. Evelyn, that my car was in storage, because they were having cars stolen and windows broken out, and since it was such a nice car, they didn't want anything to happen to it. (I told her at this point I didn't care if someone had stolen it.) Now I owe $85.00 plus to F & J Wrecker Service on Southern for towing and storage of my vehicle. Will you please investigate my situation.


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b3e976f9, 2009-11-05, 05:43PM CST

I completely understand why you are upset about this. My first car was a Daewoo Leganza and mine broke down after just over a year, they are not reliable at all. Because I live in a very rural part of Australia I couldn't find a mechanic who actually knew what they were doing so I had many many parts replaced (all of which my mum payed for) only to realise that none of them fixed the problem, so I was lost without a car living about 45 minutes away from my parents and neighbouring towns.

It wasn't until we replaced the very expensive computer in this car that we knew it wasn't anything to do with it (it was our last option) but then we were told to check the timing belt (something not common around here) so we have to take the back tire off or something, sorry I didn't really understand what the mechanic said.

So I hope everything worked out well with you and you got a car that you thought was more reliable or if you found the money to get yours back :(

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